In honour of Canadian turning 150,

I decided to compile a list of 150 things that are uniquely Canadian,

Being Canadian is something to be proud of, the land of the free, we are strong, independent and accepting. But we also have our fair share of quirks

This list, represents both the comical and true side of what it means to be Canadian

  1. We add a “u” to words, just to confuse you
  2. Ceasers…. how does the rest of the world not know about these amazing gifts to humanity
  3. Poutine; not a fan, but it is about as Canadian as they come, cheese, gravy, and fries
  4. Tim Hortons…. on every corner
  5. “Sorry you bumped into me”
  6. WTF is going on with this weather
  7. Eh?
  8. Sorry I can’t hockey is on tonight
  9.  Beer; it’s real
  10.  Milk Comes in bags
  11. Winter Jacket in the Am, Shorts in the PM
  12. Summer’s on the lake
  13. Muskoka
  14. Drake & Justin , maaa boiis ❤
  15. Roll up the Rim is back !
  16. I will have a double double please
  17. Toronto
  18. Is it Monopoly or is it Money?
  19. Sore eye, stubbed toe, cracked finger nail… no problem go to the ER, free health care right?
  20. Ketchup chips, they are a thing
  21. WHATTT!?!? you don’t own flannel
  22. Lake Lousie
  23. LOL DON CHERRY’S outfit last night
  24. Terry Fox ✔
  25. You went on the Maid of the Mist right?
  26. Est que tu parle francais?
  27. J. Truds, mmmm 😉
  28. “I got it from the bay”
  29. Did your rink freeze over this year?
  30. Beaver TAILS, the food guys
  31. Maple syrup on that please… “what is this Aunt Jemina stuff?”
  32. That will be a loonie please, it’s ok I have change for a toonie
  34. Don’t worry boys this year is the leafs year
  35. Ottawa
  36. LBS for weight, C for temperature… we swing both ways just to keep it interesting
  37. We are polite
  38. You going to the Stag this weekend?
  39. I got us a 24
  40. Toque’s can be worn with anything, anytime of year
  42. a box of 20 Timbits thank you
  43. Texas Mickey
  44. Watch a Rapters Game
  45. Canada Day on Parliament Hill
  46. Shovel your neighbours’ driveway
  47. You don’t own a snow blower?
  48. I still went to work there was only 4ft of snow
  49. Polar Bear dips
  50. Camping
  51. Tobermory
  52. A side of back bacon please
  53. Calgary Stampede
  54. Sorry you can’t access this in your country
  55. Canadian Netflix, Canadian Amazon…. don’t worry I just shipped it to my US post box
  56. Police on Horses, watch out for those mounties
  57. We love everyone, every culture, every religion, every sexuality
  58. Vodka waters… with a lime
  59. Getting Caught holding the door because you don’t want to be rude
  60. Crispy Crunch
  61. Smarties
  62. “Dude there’s an elk in my backyard”
  63. “Man there’s a moose in mine”
  64. Quebec city
  65. Saw a whale on the St.Lawerence yesterday
  66. No We don’t know Sue from Saskatoon
  67. Saskatoon
  68. Cliff Jumping
  69. Bonfires
  70. It’s about 4 hours away
  71. ABOOOT… we don’t say it
  72. I may be late I am stuck behind a goose
  73. Canadian Tire Money
  74. For better or for worse
  75. What time does the LCBO open?
  76. 19! who is coming downtown with me??
  77. The tickle trunk on Mr Dressup
  78. The Rockies
  79. Sorry I keep saying sorry
  80. Manitoba cell phone plans
  81. It’s cheaper on the reserve
  82. plus TAX
  83. BALLLERR, basketball.. yup Canadian
  84. Thanksgiving… it’s in OCTOBER
  85. Proud Canuck right here
  86. we are freaking funny…. hii Jim Carey, Seth Rogan and Mike Myers
  87. Craft Beer
  88. Niagara Wine tour
  89. My Kid won a Zamboni ride last night
  90. Insulin… your welcome
  91. Just for laughs, told you we were funny
  92. ALMOST legal marijuana
  93. “Babe, need anything from the store?” ” 2 boxes of KD would be great! Don’t forget the ketchup for on top”
  94. Colourful Falls
  95. COLOUR has a freaking U
  96. Lumberjack show coming to town this weekend
  97. May 24 weekend, not actually on the 24th
  98. I bought a mickey so it fits in my purse
  99. Partying in the Falls this weekend
  100. Osheaga !!
  101. are those fries made with PEI potatoes?
  102. Prime Minister, not president
  103. My grandparents are snowbirds
  104. You going to Florida this year?
  105. A side order of Swiss Chalet Dipping sauce with that
  106. Beer pong
  107. Table Hockey
  108. Ummm you sure you want to date a hockey boy?
  109. No school ! FOG DAY
  110. Montreal Canadian
  111. Toronto Blue Jays
  112. Tragically Hip
  113. Bought a sled, want to go tobogganing?
  114. Nahh let’s go taboozing
  115. The Great one, love you forever Wayne Gretzky
  117. Maple Leaf
  118. I got it across the border
  119. Underground Railroad
  120. Gay marriage… it’s always been legal
  121. Winnie the Pooh; born in Manitoba… would you like maple syrup with that honey Pooh?
  122. You are American right? “Nope Canadian” same thing….. NOPE do you see Tim’s over there?
  123.  JUST say “NO” … to the penny
  124. no igloo here, but the kids are working on one out back with the recycle bins
  125. SNOW DAY
  126. All dressed chips, basically the left overs of every other flavour
  128. Kinder egg surprises in my Easter Basket
  129. Most educated country in the world….. TAKE THAT HARVARD
  130. Dear Santa @ North Pole HOH OHO
  131. 1-800-O-CANADA
  132. Hawaiian Pizza… pineapple debate.. GO
  133. McLobster
  134. I studied the “Science of Batman” at the U of Victoria
  135. Bonhomme Carnaval
  136. Sorry I am late I forgot about Daylight Savings
  137. “STATE OF EMERGENCY” you go first, no after you
  138. West Edmonton Mall Roller Costar
  139. My husband works in Fort Mac, but he’s flying home next week… oh the rigs are rough !
  140. CFL, we have one less down
  141. Sorry I have a social studies test tomorrow 
  142. Is prostitution legal, no one really knows?
  143. Visiting St Paul, Alberta… check out the UFO landing pad… we are ready for you !
  144. DON’T drink from the Stanley cup… just take my word for it
  145. HA lochness monster, how about Ogopogo…
  146. All Hail the QUEEN
  147. Rob Ford ❤ rip
  148. Ughh my poppy keeps stabbing me
  149. Sleep COUNTRY Canada, why buy your mattress anywhere else
  150. SORRY We are NOT sorry

So Basically we have a HOT Prime Minster, Ryan Gosling,  STRONG beer and cheese curds matter

& we are happy

We are Canadian STRONG AND FREE ! 

Happy 150th Canada 

What does being Canadian Mean to you?

Comment below some TRUE Canadian quirks