Let it be, let it be sometimes you just have to let it be

The familiar melody of my chosen alarm song floated through the room. It was 7:00 Saturday morning and time for me to wake up, get ready and get to my morning yoga session. I had a lengthy to do list a head of me which I ran over in my head.

Weekends were supposed to be relaxing, mine always seemed to be loaded with tasks and errands, making them as busy or busier than week days. I lay in bed craving an extra hour of warmth and rest.


When it hit me.

Who cares if I made it to the yoga class

Who cares if I mailed that package

Who cares if I didn’t work on my website today or start my newest course

No one….

I put so much darn pressure on myself to get everything done because it’s what I feel I need to do. I always load up my schedule because busy makes me feel productive, but is that really the case?

But what do I want to do ?

Today I decided to rip up the list,

I shut off the alarm

Crawls back into bed

Skipped the yoga class

All the whole my mind racing, but what will I tell the girls at the studio why I wasn’t there- what excuse would I owe them?


What if my package doesn’t get there on time because I didn’t mail it today?


What if my website doesn’t launch because I didn’t spend the day working on it?


The inner battle ….the guilt


Today it just didn’t matter.

Today I was unplugging, resting

And doing me; whatever made me feel good


Today was not about the things I had to do, but instead the things I wanted to do; the ones that made me feel good


I rolled over and fell back to sleep for another hour. When I reawaken I grabbed my copy of “my Paris dream” continuing where I left off, soaking up the words and dreaming of Paris, cuddled in my bed, puppy between my legs the sounds of birds outside.


I placed my hand made book mark, which I had picked up in Sevilla Spain the year prior, in between the concluded chapter and the next. I made my way downstairs and boiled water for my morning green tea.

As it steeped I sat on my white couch looking out the window, truly taking in the moment, no sounds, no schedule, just here now, and it felt good

I made my way to my white marble kitchen, and slowly cooked myself a breakfast of steel cut oats; topped with fresh red strawberries, which I enjoyed next to the flickering light of my wild berries Bath& Body works candle.

I took my time getting ready, listening to my latest music obsession; French love songs, of which I can understand a handful of words.


Under my red silk blouse and skin tight jeans was an innocent matching pink and white lace bralette and pantie set. Honestly girls can you really have a good day without matching bra and panties ?  My hair was curled running my fingers through it with my favourite milkshake leave in conditioner… it smelled like cupcakes and magic… what else could I girl want!? I placed my freshly pedicured toes into black booties, swiped some simple lip colour on, and headed out. Now sure where the day would take me, but that in itself felt good

My new rule; Everyday take one thing off your “to do list” and instead do two things that make you feel good

5 things I did for ME


  1. Read in a coffee shop downtown for longer than I am willing to admit with a sugar free almond milk latte, writing this post in the notes portion of my phone


  1. Worked on my course not because I had to because I wanted to
  1. Bought myself some beautiful fresh cut red tulips
  1. Made myself a beautiful pasta dinner with black bean noodles, pesto and basil, ate by candle light
  1. Went to the new exhibit at the gallery in town

5 things I learned on my ME day 


  1. It’s freeing to not be on a time limit or schedule
  1. There is nothing you HAVE to do– Outsource or find new solutions for the things that cause you the most stress and worry
  1. You get more done In a day when you make time for you – life flows when you stop trying to force it
  2. There is so much happiness in simplicity 
  1. You owe no one an explanation for taking care of you

Ok 6 I lied…

  1. Me time is not an option, it’s a necessity 


The funny part of this whole day, somehow my “to do list” got done without me looking at it or stressing about it. That is the true magic of me time