We have all heard about manifestation, and the power of thoughts becoming things.

So I decided to test this theory, I will begin to randomly post my visions, desires and dreams here. I will not look at them or reread them. We can together see what manifests.

&& I promise you I have big crazy dreams, so If I can make this happen you can too..

Here goes nothing, stay tuned for the adventures


  • I see myself waking up under a big fluffy white duvet, I am in a bright beautiful room, in a big four poster bed. I lean roll over and am embraced by the strong arms of my husband. The window is open just a crack, enough to allow the gently breeze in, the sound of waves below bring peace to my life. I love waking up on the beach every morning, looking out the big windows as the sunrises welcoming a new day. I am greeted by the laughter of my three little babies, the joy they radiate brings a smile to my face. All 5 of us cuddle together for a moment of peace in our warm cozy bed. I sneak out of bed and make my way down the stairs, passing across the open concept bridge landing that is surrounded by beautiful glass windows, letting the sunlight in. I gracefully travel down the staircase and make my way into our home gym to begin my morning routine. I always begin my day with a 20 minute meditation, followed by a yoga, HIIT or running session. It is my way of keeping my mind clear, and my body in great shape. A body I am proud of, I am still lean, strong and in shape after birthing 3 children. This is thanks to my dedicated yoga practices, and sugar free whole foods lifestyle which I have lived for 7 years now. Once my morning routine is complete I begin to cook breakfast as I hear the others begin to wake. My husband comes down, grabs his coffee and kisses my forehead. Three little angels follow in his steps. We all eat a breakfast of steel cut oats and fresh berries together. My husband begins to clean u, while I head back upstairs to my luxurious walk in closet to get ready for the day. I pick out a nice silk blouse, and jeans. A casual sophisticated look. I pair it with some black booties, and my new Kate spade purse. I add a rose gold watch to complete the outfit. As I walk back down the stairs my man catches my eye. He is looking so good in that striped button down dress shirt and blue tie, just tight enough to let his muscles show. I am so grateful to have this man in my life. Together we have created a life we love, a life of flexibility and ease. One where we live our passions, we have built a real estate empire, and live the true 4 hour work week. Focusing on our babies, our passions, and joys. We travel the world together, learning languages and experiencing culture. We take on every adventure with the other by our side. We both have the flexibility to live and work whenever and wherever we want, because we have designed a life that makes money when we sleep. We are happy and we are grateful. I load my babies into the white range rover that sits parked into our garage, today I will be bringing them to their Montessori daycare while I go and meet with my amazing agent. I have been working with my agent since I was 24, he is a gift from god and came at just the right time. A young man willing to take a risk because he saw the potential. He helped Stevia&Spice become the New York Times best seller it is today, and helped me to create a brand that allows me to travel the world and speak my story, my truth and inspire everyone I meet. Touching the hearts of young girls everywhere, helping make mindfulness mainstream and spreading positivist and joy. He has given me a platform to be me, and in turn inspire others to quit sugar, let go of their past and live a future they deserve. This has opened the doors to partnerships with amazing companies like Lululemon; as their brand ambassador, liforme who has the best yoga mats, dynamite who is a strong Canadian clothing brand, and so many more.


  • I was sitting at my desk, looking at my computer, the constant dinging of the emails from my boss had me at my breaking point. I needed to get out I needed a way out, but I needed a source of income to replace it. I was determined to leave within the month, this was the last tie keeping me in my old life, and it was time to cut it. I want to find a way to have my days to me. To wake up in the morning and go to yoga, to study for my course and have the option to do so in class. I want to have the flexibility to devote more time to my consulting business and wellness programs. I needed a way out to make this possible. I shut off my computer and walked upstairs to check the mail… junk like always. Except for the one envelope that stuck out from the rest, a large white one, with professional labeling . Interesting I thought as I tore it open. When I saw what was inside I dropped to my knees, hitting the floor with a thud. I had been praying for so long for this moment, a moment when the flood gates finally opened. It just takes one second to change your life and this was mine. In the envelope was a response from an agent. They loved Stevia&Spice, but more than that they loved me and my platform, and were looking to back me up. To help take me to new limits ! Plus… they were offering me a signing bonus. Nothing major, but enough that it would allow me to leave my job. I could study on the side as I launch my book tour and promotion, speaking and inspiring people at any platform I could attend ! I ran downstairs, called back with a big YES and a smile on my face, I accept the offer. Let’s do this, let’s make magic. I then wrote my resignation to my boss, signed with love and called him to let him know this was no longer a suitable position but thank you for the years we have worked together. Because of the time this freed up I was able to enroll into in class courses for real estate so I could breeze through the final two courses and get my license. Although I am busier than I have ever been, I feel at complete ease. I am living my truth, my passion, building my brand and my business that I love completely. I have a purpose, and that is the reason I get out of bed in the morning.


  • I did it ! Aced another one, I had finally passed all of my real estate exams. I was licensed to sell and take the world by storm, I knew I was set up for success. I have a relationship with a builder and I am walking into  accounts. Life has become a life of ease and flexibility. There is no stress, I just show up when I am scheduled to, show new builds and have the funds in place to get started with a strong marketing presence. The flexibility of this lifestyle allows me to spend my days in the ways I would like to, to vacation whenever I choose- Next up Greece and truly savor the little moments.


  • May 2017, it is the month. The month when all things are in place.  I have left my old company and My business is finally self sustained, which means I now have the flexibility to live and work when I want, where I want, and it is a business of passion so work feels like play. I booked my trip to France, I will dance around the Paris lights, then head south to the beautiful coastal beaches. I will fly over to Portugal and bathe in the simple beauty of this hidden country. Appreciating the ease of live . I have a man, a handsome successful man, back home. He is a gift from God, and I am thankful every day for his love and devotion. He cares about me and respects me above all else. Together we are making dreams possible. I am running my business of consulting on the side and together we are building, buying  houses, I have one real estate course left, I aced the previous three, then I will begin selling the houses he is building . We are a team, we are a power couple and we are in love. I wake up every morning happy to be alive and in the arms of him, as he showers me and spoils me with love, surprises and little things to show he cares. I have never in my life had someone who does so much for me, and it was hard getting used to. But i was set on the fact I am no longer settling, in my career, in my relationship, in my life in anyway. I am becoming the person I dreamed of, my agent is helping me make magic, and partnerships to build my brand and impact lives. I used to envy the life of MP, but this is now my life. I never want people to envy me, I want to inspire them to become the next me, because it is possible for anyone. My book is on the shelves at Chapters and selling quickly ! Thanks to some great marketing, and a beautiful cover design. Also some creative content thanks to yours truly. My book tour begins this Summer and I am bubbling with excitement at the chance to meet and talk to young woman who’s lives I have inspired


  • Some days the hardest thing we can do is believe, and trust. Trust that everything we desire is flowing to us. Trust there is a bigger power. Trust that our intentions have been heard, and that everything is happening for a reason. and then just let it go. Even when it seems like nothing is going our way, we must trust. It is the law, the law of attraction, whatever we desire will come to us in magical unexpected ways. When we are sitting in coffee shops, defeated and praying. That is when life opens up, when we just surrender and let go. Which is exactly how it happened for me. Something about this house was pulling me in, It was calling me like nothing had ever called me before. I pictured myself standing in front of that for sale sign gleaming, my first income property. Yet I had been defeated in my offer. It hadn’t been enough, was i not enough? I call bull shit right there, because there is nothing in my life that has had more signs saying this is the one, so some how some way it will be, and so it was. The offer I had been defeated by fell through. I got the call after a long stressful week, the house was mine! and it was mine for less than I had initially  offered. The pending offer did not have the financing in place, therefore the conditions were not met. This is honestly the biggest sigh of relief. I wanted to check this off my plate so badly. and when I least expected it the universe pulled through like it always does just in the nick of time. It is an adorable place, I picture renting to a cute young family. see them playing in the large backyard, happy and laughing. I see the flowers blooming around the freshly painted exterior, i have helped make someone’s dreams come true. The purchase of this house was more than an investment in my life, it was an investment into the life of someone else who needed it. thank you universe thank you
  •  I am the luckiest freaking girl in the world, I have a man who loves me above all else, who showers me with attention, respect, adoration and the odd gift or two. A man I am completely proud of, a man who is my best friend, my partner, my other half. A man who makes me laugh, smile and live with ease. A man who stands by my side through the good and bad, and whispers it’s all going to work out when I have a moment of sheer panic. I am grateful everyday for his love, for him and for our lives


  • I am actually the biggest nerd, I truly love math and enjoy studying there is something so satisfying about finding an answer and being right, that’s why I am killing this course and will be a registered agent by October. 90s all the way baby, both when I was born and the grades i get
  • I love !! Marketing, wellness, real estate, speaking, writing and inspiring !! So they is what I will do everyday from here on it. Life a life I love 
  • Leave this job March 26
  • September 4th Greece- September 24th, 26th Ring?
  • Gratitude Party- September
  • France and Portugal May 22 2016- June 8th 2016
  • Self Sustained income April 1
  • Second property March 31
  • Website Launch March 26
  • 3 real estate courses passed May 20
  • Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubi, Thailand – 2017