Coming to your live;The queen of Suga free living

It has been almost two years since I cut out the white stuff, I was so young, and had the world in my hands.

Yet I was sick, depressed, stressed out, overweight and anxious.

I was “suffering” from everything from psoriasis to acne, but I figured this was just a faze every young person goes through … hail to hormones right?

Well does every 20 year old who works out and eats her low carb, fat free snacks experience meningitis?

No but I did, and it sent me on a rampage to uncover the truth about my health.

To end the stigma, to shake the norms and free myself from food anxiety that had me pinned down for years.

That is when I began connecting the dots to sugar; in it’s refined form as well as it’s hidden forms; like the oh so popular “natural sugars” and  ” the whites” the breads, the pastas, the rices…

If it’s white… IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT 

*** note: I am only referring to food here, not hate

So I gave those bad boys the boot, #sorrynotsorry

No room in this body for that garbage.

But what is a girl to do?

I still want that sweet treat, or flavoured coffee; welcome Stevia.

The sweet substitute to sugar, that has no impact on fructose levels and is derived from Stevia plant room.

aka a WIN, WIN 

So the journey began to find brands I loved that were consistent to my lifestyle, ones I could put the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval on

HELLOOO Greeniche

The world’s BEST ( from my humble opinion)  Stevia 

They have both travel packets and liquid Stevia.

The packets taste amazing, and one packet usually lasts me 3 uses, because its just that sweet 😉 

Now the gold here is the liquid;

I was so happy when I got my hands on these babies.

They are naturally flavoured Stevia liquid drops, that can be added to coffee, baking, smoothies or basically anything.

I bought the

✔ Vanilla

✔ Coconut

The vanilla is a great option for baking when the recipe calls for sugar or vanilla extract.

bammm two birds one stone?

They have a ton of other flavours, which I have yet to try but I will keep you posted!

I discovered this company at Yoga Conference in Toronto

I had actually fallen in love with their skin care line …. yes these guys do it all !

Their makeup wipes were the softest, most soothing wipes I had ever used

& just like the rest of their products they are

✔ all natural

✔ made from real sh*t

Once I got home I loved them so much I searched the world… aka  Google, to find where I could buy more, then came across their site. It was love at first site ( see what i did there ;0)

It was the Stevia&Spice Queen’s dream. 

And that was the beginning of a love affair that will last for years.

But honestly guys, this company is great ! I approve the products through and through, and can not wait to get my hands on more !

** note this is not a promo and I am not paid, I just love this company !

( learn more about quitting sugar and other Stevia&Spice approved brands )