Handle with care; I am A Pigeon In the Flock of Peacocks

You are,

A crazy city, full of life, talent and opportunities.

A city where dreams are made, and anything seems possible.

A city of wealth,

Of Power

Of connection

A city I trying to navigate. 

I am nothing more than your average small town girl. I grew up in a simple life, and live in a town that takes 5 minutes to cross… with traffic. We have a few grocery stores and a small mall. We spend summer days on the lake, or rip around on quads after work.

People get married young,

they buy a house, becoming nurses or plant workers

and stay friends with their group from high school

They laugh and love life, and life is good. Life is what they want it to be.

But for me I picture a bigger life.

I love this town and it will forever be a part of me. I will forever have roots in the white sand that hugs the city limits, or laugh about proms on the pig farm and bridge jumps late at night.

I will never loose sight of these moments, but the dreams I have are big.

Some days they feel bigger than me, but the core of me knows; believes, these dreams are not only possible, they are what I was born to do.

I dream of being a New York Times best selling author, making Stevia& Spice a household name

A health and wellness Guru, promoting a sugar free,  whole food lifestyle. Starting a wellness revolution

I dream of making mindfulness mainstream and proving it is possible to be successful without the stress.

I want to travel the world and inspire people to live their truth, be themselves completely and unapologeticly.  To fall in love with themselves.

I know I am capable of creating change.

I have a story, I have a voice, and I will prove to young souls everywhere; your past, DOES NOT define your future.

But how do I get there?

How do I make these dreams a reality, because this small town does not have the key.


The place of dreams

The big city, the one that is so foreign to me, but a big city I am drawn to.

I know in order to make my impact, leave my mark, and chase these dreams. I need to be in the city.

I need to build relationships, make connections and work with brands

I need to know the happenings, and be around like minded people.

I need to be in Toronto.

But this city makes me feel like a fish out of water. I walk by strangers carrying bags on their arm that cost more than all my life assets. I see street cars fly by, and struggle figure out how to make them stop, there are clubs with special access hidden behind unmarked doors ( no one tells the noob to go in the elevator and press 4) && I don’t know wtf uber is…

I am clearly an outsider.

WTF is the difference between bloor and bay; Trinity and Liberty?

Am I out of my league?

Hell No I am a league of my own, the underdog.

Because I am me and will forever be who I am. True to the core. I am not meant to conform to city life. I am meant to stand out, to create a ripple. To be unique.

I am also young, innocent and starry eyed. I am an easy target for these city folks. I stand out, they can smell the fresh meat. My search for a team is in full swing. I am working to locate an agent and publicist. I am looking to learn who to trust. Who to turn to, who to confide in… and who gives a shit.

I am cautious, but I am eager. 

Some days I wake up ready to take on this challenge.

and some days I feel like I am drowning trying to navigate this world.

The truth is this is a journey, and adventure 

A chance to learn and grow,

To experience new,

to become new,

and to push my dreams farther than I ever thought possible.

It is crazy,

It keeps me on the edge of my seat

but I have always been a fan of a crazy ride

forever an adrenaline junkie

and Toronto pumps the energy through my veins in a way nothing has before.

It gives me hope, desire, passion and life.

Toronto is a city of dreams,

of possibility,

and Toronto is the city where my dreams will come true.

I am new Toronto, forgive me, but you won’t forget me