And it makes you feel so darn good !

Do you ever get that feeling, the bubble of excitement, the happiness thumping to escape your chest, the wealth of emotions as tears come to your eyes. The feeling of joy, bliss, happiness.

Sometimes it comes from events; like that first kiss, or the birth of a child

Sometimes it comes from simplicity like the beauty of a sunrise, or the magic as the sun sets over a still blue lake

but sometimes it comes from actions. It comes when we smile at the cashier, who has a line a mile long.

It comes when we buy the coffee for the person behind us,

It comes when we donate to a cause we are passionate about,

It comes from the knowing that we are single handedly responsible for helping to place a smile on the face of another soul.

Everyone has a story

Everyone has their ups and their downs

Who are we to judge, we have no idea what someone is feeling or going through on the inside. Your rude comment to the waiter, or eye roll at the screaming child may be the last straw to someone’s breaking point.

This world has anger, it has hate, it has hurt

We see it every time we turn on the tv, open the paper, or look on social media.

We have enough of that

So it is our job to be the change,

to change our Karma,

To rise up and do our part,

To make the world a happier place, in any way we can.

Smile more

Laugh often; at yourself, at life, at simple beauty

Give back,

Take a second and look around, take in the moment, see the world and breath it in.

And rise up to the challenge; I challenge you each and every day to do one good deed. Big or small, something completely unselfish.

Don’t Give to GET

but instead for the purpose of making another smile, to leave your mark, make an impact.

See how that feels

Become addicted to that feeling;

because like they say in the butterfly effect; one single move change trigger a change.

Don’t Pray for change