The First Snowfall is upon us,

Winter coats come out of storage, heat turns on and that trusted chapstick ( that we haven’t finished from last year) comes out of hiding.

The wind is howling outside the window, but from where we sit wrapped in the cosiest of flannel blankets, beside a crackling fire, we know old Jack Frost doesn’t stand a chance. While everyone we know is blowing up our Instastory with images of colds, flu, and all those over the counter pain killers, we laugh to ourselves thinking if only they knew… as we sip away at our winter MIRACLE.

A super simple detox tea that helps the body adjust to the change in seasons. It helps to open up the channels that get smaller at this time of the year. When our internal channels shrink, there is less room for fluids to flow, which means they get pushed into other areas of the body where they don’t belong. This is why you often get the sniffles, sinus build up, coughs, colds and all those aches and pains. When the seasons change, our routine must change as well, we can not expect nature to change and evolve yet our bodies to remain the same, it isn’t logical, our bodies are elements of the earth and change alongside. In Ayurveda, we are going into Kapha season, where things get slower, and we begin to feel a little more sluggish. Some people even experience those winter time “blues.” Our metabolism slows down, and we tend to crave some sweet treats.. ’tis the season right?

 In Ayurveda, everything is interconnected, and tied to the seasons. Think about winter, what are the traits? It is cold, windy, heavy, slow, dark. This is how our bodies feel too, which is why we want to do things to counter these traits and restore balance. Think of what is the opposite; warm, sunny, light, energetic. Adding things with these traits into your routine will help you bring balance. The key is to listen to your body and mind. Tune into the little signs that show you are off balance;

is your mind racing like a monkey?

are you feeling a little puffy?

 has your energy changed?

these are just a few of the many triggers, everybody is different, once you learn to listen to your own, you can really begin to determine what it needs, and what the triggers are. It’s all about the feeling  !

Winter can be a little unforgiving, especially for us Canadians.But there are ways to balance the body and avoid all the wintertime backlash, simple swaps to your routine will work wonders, and help kick those cravings. It will help open those channels in the body, and keep you healthy and strong in the mind & BODY.

Winter Survival tips 

Stay active even when you feel sluggish, move your body every day

Start your morning off with warm lemon water and ginger – key is WARM water – the best analogy I can use here is imagine having a block of cheese. You can pour cold water over that block and it will not lose it’s shape. Imagine this cheese as a block of fat in your body, you can drink cold water all day, but it is not going to move. Now picture that same block of cheese, and pour hot water onto it. What happens? It begins to dissolve. This is what warm water does to your fat in the body, doing this first thing in the morning helps

Reduce sugar and salt intake – these are known to close the channels and reduce flow as well as pack on that “winter weight”

Warm baths with lavender oils,  rose oils and sea salt.

Massage your body with Sesame oil before bed to avoid dry skin

Every morning begin your Day with turmeric in hot water, or a turmeric latte with coconut milk- this is a miracle cure for everything from cancer to Kanker sores!

After Meals make a tea with lemon and ginger, this will not only aid digestion, but is an amazing fat burner !!

Light candles and create a warm cosy atmosphere in your home, the feeling of warmth not only brings joy but helps balance out the kapha cold

Use the scent vanilla and cinnamon as often as possible these stimulate the feelings of warmth in the body and they smell so darn good !

Avoid anything raw or uncooked; your meals are a key way to balance the body. When your body is already cold you want to avoid adding to this with cold foods or drinks. Fill the body instead of with warm fluids, soups, and hot meals. Durning winter everything should be cooked or warmed! This is super important for digestion and to avoid winter weight gain

Eat Smaller meals and smaller portions. Remember our metabolism slows down in the winter, when we eat large portions our digestive fire isn’t as strong and the body can not burn it all off.. so it stores it as fat ” winter weight”

Add chillis or heat to all of your foods ! This kicks that digestive fire into over drive and warms the body right up !

This is a “windy” cold time, so doing these to help create calm and balance in your life; through yoga and meditation is critical


Herbs & Spices 

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Guggul ( great for excess weight or water retention in the winter, even been known to help with acne)

Ashwagandha ( my GO TO for everything!! Number 1 depression cure, energy booster, mood uplifter… and libido booster 😉 Ashwagandha is an adoptegon which means that helps restore body balance; for each person it will have a different function for example if you are underweight, it will help you rise to a healthy weight. Vice versa; if you are overweight it will aid in bringing your body back to a healthy weight )

Cinnamon ( blood sugar stabilizer and warming add this  )

Oil of oregano ( if you happen to catch a bug, this bad boy will have you back to yourself in 3 days. Add 15 drops to water, drink 2-3 times a day. PRO tip: plug your nose and chug!! if you have an aftertaste a small spoonful of tahini will take it away )

B12 ( I can not survive without my B12, this is an all year vitamin, but critical in the winter. It helps with adrenal fatigue, depression, and is the number one vitamin for mental balance)

Vitamin D ( the sun vitamin! we get lots of this in the summer months from the sun, but when good old Mr Sunshire is hiding, we need a little extra support ! )

Energy and De-Stress Herbs

( Pick 1-2 and cycle for 3 -6 weeks, then stop for 1-2 weeks or switch up Herbs)


Ginseng– ( amazing for memory and adrenal fatigue )

Rhodiola Extract

Holy Basil ( it really is holy )


Detox Tea

As soon as the weather Changes I pull out a large pot, and mix up this tea. I keep it on the stove for 3 days and add water when needed. This will help boost the metabolism, get rid of any build up in the body that leads to bloat, flush your body out, and help if you are feeling a little sluggish. Drink this for 3 days, with only liquids in your diet or very light meals and colds will be a thing of the past !! Sip throughout the day

  • Dandelion leaf
  • Parsley
  • Cardamon ( ground and whole)
  • Fresh Lemon
  • Ginger