My life is Freaking busy

I am a girl wearing a hat of every shape and size

Ball cap to bonnet, you name it I own it;

Real estate investor, Health and Wellness Coach, Marketing Guru, Yogi, Blogger, Vlogger, Volunteer, World Traveler, Author….. just to name a few

So how when I am so busy

& do so much do I manage to get it all done, get it done right, and still live stress free.. LOL right?

Here’s the kicker..

I still have some time to spare for yours truly; reading good books, getting my hair and nails done, bubble baths and as much yoga as my heart desires

OHH, and have a social life,

NOPE; not super woman ( although I did dress up as her one year for Halloween)

It’s about balance and priorities, simple enough? It really can be, as a society we tend to glorify “busy” we base our success on how busy we are and how jam packed our schedule is.  To ME that’s failure, not success

Here’s 11 tips and tricks I use to stay sane and find balance

  1. Get Up ½ an hour earlier and get stuff done in the morning, not only will you start your day feeling accomplished and satisfied, but it also helps to clear up your mind. You won’t be thinking of those pesky tasks waiting for you when you get home from work because guess what…. THEY ARE DONE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           –
  2. Steve jobs had the same 24 hours in a day as we do, Look what he accomplished- it’s not about not having enough time – It’s about finding your priorities. You will ALWAYS find time for what matters most. So look at your priorities and get done what matters most to you first. If that Netflix binge really is more of a priority than the project you are working on then go for it, is that second drink more important than your vacation savings fund? Cool make the choice, but don’t say you didn’t have time or money.
  1. Figure out what was consuming the most time in your life or causing you the most stress & change it. – For me this was running around and doing errands. I felt like I was at the grocery store every freaking day picking up one or two things I forgot. So I made a rule- I was giving myself one day a week for errands. That’s it, get done what I can, and if I don’t get it done or forget about it. It wasn’t that important… put it on next week’s list ( unless it is really an emergency like no gas….)
  1. Decide what you need to think through and everything else just make a quick decision – Don’t overthink just do. We do not need to contemplate or weigh the pros and cons of every single decision….. Should I buy white or black, small or medium. Just make a decision and go, stop wasting so much energy. If it’s the wrong one… OH WELL, life goes on, we live and learn, and that’s why there are such things as returns my friends.
  1. Stop procrastinating!!! If it takes less than 5 minutes do it now, -it won’t matter in five years don’t spend more than five min thinking about it. Those dishes, that email, the pile of laundry. Just do it NOW ( well finish reading this first pretty please )
  1. Get Organized and Prep – Coming to you from me scatter brain herself. Trust me this is a huge time and stress saver. Do errands one day a week, organize your life, plan your meals and groceries. Get your sh**t together girl.
  1. Outsource– We all want to be Queen of the world, but reality is we aren’t all Beyoncé. Sorry to break it to you. We aren’t masters of everything. Recognize what you are good at. Are you queen of clean, but can’t figure out how to turn the lawn mower on for the life of you? ( guilty) Recognize your talents and strengths; be honest to yourself about what you are and aren’t good at, figure out what isn’t a priority and what takes too much time, then outsource it. Yesssss I know this sometimes means money $$$.. but is $20 to the kid down the street for cutting your grass going to break the bank? ( don’t lie to me I know you are probably sipping that latte right now) If it stresses you out, or takes more of your precious time then you are willing to give, find someone who can help you finish, and reallocate that time
  1. Trust your gut– Back to making that decision. 9 times out of 10 you know the answer go with it and don’t be scared to fail or takes risks, be willing to lose it all, fully commit. What is honestly the worst that can happen? Sometimes when we learn to fail, and see the lesson in that failure we stumble achievements of life.
  1. Stop glorifying busy and tired- Neither is a metaphor for productive or successful. Nothing at all in life is permanent, its really simple. If you don’t like it change it, hate the job; don’t waste your time or energy complaining. Leave, find new work, start your own business. Do something that makes you smile.B Because when you are doing what you love “busy” doesn’t seem that bad. FYI find work that feels like play… it’s the real secret to success.
  1. Put yourself first – It’s a lesson we all have to learn. Hopefully not the hard way. Be selfish. Trying to please everyone at the expense of your own happiness is doing no one any good. If you are a people pleaser (like me) you will go above and beyond to make sure everyone around you is happy. But reality hits hard when you realize, people aren’t going to return the favour. So put your needs first, put your happiness first. Don’t waste your time doing things that don’t bring you happiness just to satisfy someone else, and scramble to find a way to get what you need done. You first, then everyone else ( rememberrr the oxygen masks on a flight, yaaa there is logic behind that)
  1. Make changes !– Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I wake up every morning with a clear intention and improve on anything I learned the day prior… from the timing of my oatmeal to writing a proposal, I vow to learn one thing new everyday…. but learning is great. Totally irrelevant if we don’t then and apply it. So fail, succeed, grow, do whatever you gotta do… learn that lesson, make that change. Readyyy for the corny quote of the day “ Because the only thing constant in life is change” 

Moral is Find what makes you happy, invest you’re time in that.  Once you do life becomes so much easier, and less stressful. Guys we have ONE life, ( unless your a cat… if so and you are reading this I want to meet you)  let’s make it a good one.

P.S.S  Don’t forget to smile 🙂  Because you are beautiful, life is beautifullll && I drank too much caffeine…. I’m Done