Get the beach body you love

Everywhere we go we are drowning in contradicting information about what is healthy and what we should be doing in order to achieve that idea body. It can be confusing, but more than that it is overwhelming. We all just want to better ourselves and our bodies, why does it have to be so freaking difficult?

This is the question that started it all for me. I was on a journey to find health freedom once and for all. Not a diet. Not a trend

A lifestyle, one I felt good about maintaining and that made my body both look and feel great.

But I like everyone else was overwhelmed by all the marketing and conflicting information. So I began to read everything I could get my hands on, and tear about that information to find something that worked for me. Something simple.

Here’s the kicker…

I live in a small town, we have a Wal-Mart….
Half of these books and resources were telling me that if I wanted to be healthy I needed to buy this fancy product, and shop only at this elite health food store cough* cough* Whole Foods ( I still love you ).

Well that just wasn’t possible for me, so did that mean Health wasn’t possible either. Hell No health should be simple, and more than that it should be accessible to everyone.

So I compiled all the information I had dove head first into a lifestyle; a lifestyle of being Sugar-free and eating real foods.. it’s really that simple

But being the fabulous type A personality I am I needed structure.. I needed a plan, so a plan I made. A go-to guide for myself, a guide to keep it simple and live a sugar free, whole foods life, on a budget, in a small town.

Through this journey I was able to free myself..
I was freed from bingeing and purging
from severe stomach issues
from low energy
from acne
from depression and anxiety
from chronic pneumonia
from psoriasis
from self loathing

and more than anything I was freed from dieting… But I also lost almost 30 lbs.

How is that even possible?

Through a mindful approach to living, Treating your body with respect and love while feeding it good clean foods and cutting out the sugar, dairy and processed foods. Coming from a former sugar addict, and someone who ate their salads and followed every trend in attempts to be healthy. This was by far the simplest and best way to get the body, mind and freedom I had always craved.

Kiss the white stuff good bye and say hello to your new life. Say hello to freedom.


  • Calorie cutting
  • No carbs
  • Low fat everything
  • Lifting weights and gym daily
  • Running daily
  • Snacking all day
  • Sugar free( with Splenda and artificial sugars) eating a ton of natural sugars like fruit dates and honey
  • Tons of fruits and veggies – whole papayas in one sitting or a bag of celery in a day
  • Cheese and low fat crackers as snacks multiple times a day
  • Processed “health foods”
  • Blue label
  • Eating on the go or in the car
  • Fast food lover- but just the wraps and salads
  • Microwavable everything ( but only the “healthy” things)
  • Candy lover
  • Read labels for calories, low fat, low carb
  • Pre and post workout shakes
  • Whey and protein bars
  • Doing everything advertised as healthy
  • No self-control
  • No ability to stop or feel full
  • Occasional binge and purge episodes
  • Sugary alcoholic drinks
  • Depressed
  • Psoriasis
  • Stomach problems
  • Reoccurring mono
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • 5 coffees a day
  • No energy
  • Fear of food
  • Hated myself


  • Whole foods
  • High fat, moderate protein low starches and grains; and VEGGIES!! Lots of veggies
  • Sugar free from real unprocessed foods
  • Dairy free
  • Read labels for sugar and ingredients
  • 3 meals a day and no snacking
  • Prepare meals and plan
  • Sit down and eat each meal at a table slowly and enjoy it
  • Eating carbs and grains
  • No depriving
  • No restricting
  • Drinking low SC  wine and 95% chocolate daily
  • Yoga daily
  • Running Daily
  • Occasional weights
  • No coffee
  • No binging and purging
  • No psoriasis
  • No bloating ever
  • 20 lbs. lighter
  • Tons of energy
  • Lean and Toned
  • Glowing skin
  • Working with a naturopath to understand food allergies, intolerances, and emotions connected to IBS and gut health
  • Happy
  • Positive
  • Body and mind feel amazing
  • Love the girl in the mirror

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