Sometimes I get so caught up chasing my big city dreams; and making my visions a reality I get caught up in the city life, the fast pace, the people, the lifestyle, the pace

As I was driving down a back-road today with my country music blaring,  barefoot on the gas peddle, singing at the top of my lungs, wind blowing through my wide open windows kissing my blonde hair with it’s gentle touch.

I realized how grounded I felt 

This country side of me is as much a part it me as the city

It’s my roots,

My home,

Where I came from

And a place I will never forget to come back to no matter where life takes me 

The disconnect,

The slower pace,

The freedom,

The bonfires and dirt bikes,

Thiese all bring me back to earth and help me to cut through the pressures of city life

Here the dreams of the house, Range Rover and the big career don’t matter

The fancy dinners, the networking and galas seem unnecessary 

In the city, my dreams seem possible;

In the country they seam irrelevant

The closet full of clothes and shoes, the brand name purses and designer labels seem laughable

It’s simple 

It’s true simplicity and ease

It’s peace in the backwoods way of life where those things just don’t matter,

The country music, coming from my radio, touches my soul and brings out s new form of freedom within 

A freedom to be me

And I realize being me doesn’t have to be one thing 

It doesn’t have to be one life or the other; the city or country

Being me is a balance of both,

It doesn’t have to be the well dressed city girl

It doesn’t have to be the zen yogi

It doesn’t have to be the country girl

The best friend

The traveler

The writer

The big sister

The “DAYpac” who can jam out to gangsta beats

Being me can be it all as long as it’s true

And by honoring my roots

And letting that outdoors adrenaline junkie loose once in a while

To stir up trouble 

Light a fire

And run barefoot into a mud pit

I am honouring my myself, I am not giving up on my dreams and goals, I am exploring the other side of me and taking a time out.

Never forgetting the girl I am in my whole and complete form

And every side is beautiful because it makes me who I am 

So I vow to never forget the backwoods country roots, 

To always be ground, when life gets to fast to remember who I am, where I came from

To spend time camping and fishing

To hike a cliff to jump off

To spend a weekend in the woods and share memories around a fire 

Because that girl is a part of me

And she keeps me grounded

She keeps me alive

She keeps me me and let’s me feel free

She brings me home barefoot and crazy 

Wild and free

She is part of me