What does this word even mean?

It seems to be a hot topic, but also a feared topic.

Does being mindful mean I have to commit to a life of white robes and Buddha chants?

Do I have to practice yoga and mediate daily to be mindful?

( I do mediate 2xs a day)

And the question I pondered for a long time…

Do I have to give up my lifestyle, my music choices, my love of clothes and vacations in order to be considered “at peace” and “mindful”?

The answer is NO.. Mindfulness is not a change in lifestyle.

It’s an added layer to the life you have today, one that will help you life a beautiful life with all the things you enjoy….. without stress…. Yes a life of ease is possible.

I believe when you begin to take on Mindful habits, inner peace happens.. and that is where the magic begins.

When you find that peace in yourself, let go of the over thinking, the need to control and the self sabotage… life flows, and flows with ease.

Mindfulness can be mainstream,

It can help you achieve that life you desire,

and it doesn’t mean sacrifice..

Here are some simple ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine

1. If a task takes 5 minutes or less… do it now, don’t put it off.

  • This will help to eliminate those long to do lists, and have a great impact on stress. Nike said it right, “Just Do It”
  • You do have time for what you deem a priority, remember that 45 minutes you spent on instagram…

2. Decisions, Decisions…..  the 5 minute rule applies here too.. If it is a small decision, take no more than 1 minute deciding, and for a large decision 5 minutes.

  • Your gut knows, stop doubting it. You have better ways to spend your energy than humming and hawing. Make a decision, commit to it and go. If it’s the wrong choice, who cares you learned, and do it differently the next time.

3. Sit quietly 5 minutes before and after meals

-Meal time, the area most People Struggle with. But this is critical to inner peace. Meals are not meant to be rushed. Shut off the technology. Focus on the meal and enjoy it. Its the simple things that make a good life. Eating in a stressful environment leads to stress for the rest of the day, you owe yourself that me time. It also helps you realize if you are full, and stop from over eating

4. Move your body daily

  • Dance, do a crazy HIT workout, walk the dog, chase the kids… just move your body and love it .

5. If it is a good idea, you will still be thinking about it in 15 minutes

  • I was always guilty of having an idea, or liking a clothing article, and rushing to buy it now, or write it down. Let it go, if it comes back in 15 minutes apply rule 1 – JUST DO IT

6. Fail Daily

  • Try something, fail and learn. When we learn to fail, the real growth and peace happens. Laugh at yourself, there is not need to take things so seriously.


  • Try it right now, think of something bugging you or on your mind. NOW SMILE, even a fake one…. see how the thought goes away. Something about that magical flash of pearly whites is so powerful it can outshine any negative thought we have..

This is Mindfulness; No textbook, no university course, no life changing event

It really is that simple.

And these simple things can have a big impact on your life. Forget the rules, just live and enjoy the life you have!  and these little changes, have the power to move mountains.