If a question could receive a gold star, this one would be it.

I can not tell you how often I am speaking with people, and they say they would love to eat healthier, but just can’t afford it.

Guess what guys, I am calling your bluff.

This is nothing more than an excuse, and one we are going to lay to rest right now.

The truth is since, I have switched my diet to eating real, clean foods, cut out sugar, stopped the endless snacking and took on a more mindful approach to my meals I have actually


sure scroll back up and read that again just to make sure you read it right…. you did…. It’s the truth

eating healthy does NOT have to cost more, it can actually help you to cut down on the grocery bill.

Ok before you, try to call my bluff , let me get honest.

Yes in some cases, eating “healthy” can cost a small fortune, like wtf $10 kale chips… hello unnecessary.

If you are adopting a healthier lifestyle there are different routes

Route 1:

Buy everything marketed as healthy, stock up on all the packaged snacks and treats that have the word “kale” or gluten free listed on the label, buy all organic, invest in a juicer,buy every supplement, overflow your grocery cart with vegan goodies and bananas…. you get the picture. If this is your choice… GOFOR IT! no judgment here! ( but also can I borrow your visa, I promise to give it back 😜 )


Route 2: ( my route of choice)

Cut out the crap, the excess, the fancy products and go back to the basics!

What does that even mean?

Well here is what it means to me;

  1. Stop snacking between meals; are you even hungry?  

Our bodies require 4-6 hours between meals for a full digestion process, which is why so many people in our society have digestion issues today. When we give ourselves the proper time between meals to digest, not only does it help with ensuring good digestion but it also helps us appreciate the meals we eat more, and fill up on good foods instead of picking throughout the day. When I stopped snacking, I stopped buying the packaged snack foods…. which saved me a tonn of money. A few dollars here and there, an extra box of crackers, a treat, some grab and go nuts, a “energy” bar… all these $1, $2, $3 items add up ! The money that you save here is substantial, so when you spend that extra dollar on Ezekiel bread, lentil pasta noodles, or cocao (STEVIA&SPICE) approved cereal you are not blowing your budget.

Here’s the thing, if you are hungry I am not saying starve and don’t eat to avoid snacking and save money. What I am saying is get to know your body, eat the right size meals and determine if you are truly hungry or just bored and snacking out of habit…. if you are hungry then….


Simple, eat real foods like sprouted grain breads, lentils, quinoa, fruits, veggies, fish… you get the picture. Keep it real and simple. There is no need to buy processed, package foods, even if they are considered “healthy”. I do my very best to buy things without a label. BECAUSE REAL FOOD DOESN’T HAVE A LABEL. This is huge for saving money, more is less. These real, nutritious foods, actually fill you up more than empty processed foods, which means you won’t need to eat as much to feel full, therefore buying less… and saving the doughhh ( play on words, I’m Funny)


3. Buy what you need

Don’t stock pile because it is on sale, this is just asking for trouble. If it is around you will eat it, and do you need it? Buy what you need for the week. If you will only eat an apple or two in a week, buy an apple or two… not the whole bag. Yes the “unit cost” may be higher. But think about all the food that goes to waste because you bought too much and had to throw it out, or is consumed unnecessarily just so you “don’t waste”

NEWS FLASH: over-consuming is still wasting… you are putting excess into your body just to avoid throwing it out. Excess leads to excess; excess weight, excess for digestion leading to issues and inflammation, excess in our belly leading to lack of energy, excess leading to illness.

So to me, that is a waste..

4. Limit marketed eye catching products

Guys!! They are eye catching for a reason… so you buy it when you don’t need it ! That extra “energy bar” at the register, that “all natural, Kombucha tea” that is going to be the end all be all of digestion issue ( sorry booch I still love you, xoxox), or that Gluten free bread, ** note: in my opinion I think unless you are required to be, gluten free may not be necessary, I choose PROCESSED FREE the gluten is replaced by corn and chemical which are much worse for your body, still to sprouted grains and legumes instead.

Marketing man they are good, and it is funny because I always bash them, yet that is what my education is in. (It can be used for good or bad guys, I consider myself the white hat👼)

Point Being, just because it says it is healthy, does not make it so. Many of these “health” products are loadedddd with sugars. Yes they may tell you they are natural but sugars non the less ( see post for more on natural sugar http://makelastingchange.com/2017/06/07/natural-sugars-yes-or-no/ ). Buying them is unneceassry and a waste of money.

So Yes! Eating Healthy can be budget friendly. When we cut out the excess, the snacks and the unnecessary stock piling. When we eat real foods, three whole healthy meals a day, and we buy just what we need, even when you are spending more on the quality of foods, the quantity goes down, and so does the waste and so does the final bill.

SO what excuses is next my friends? Because this one just got busted.

Let’s do this together,

Keep it real

Cut the sugar


SAVE some cashh $$$


To learn more on quitting sugar, Check out Stevia&Spice http://makelastingchange.com/quit-sugar-now/