It was Saturday night, the bar was buzzing with excitement as the much awaited UFC games played on the oversize TVs. The taste of red wine on my lips and the smell of tap beer stung my nostrils. It was an atmosphere I wasn’t accustomed to, but was truly enjoying the carefree laughs and old school Kayne music that brought back memories of a simpler time. 

The four of us surrounded the worn out pool table

Game on

It had been years since i played a game of pool; I have two extremes – pool shark or duck stray ball …. I wasn’t quite sure which personality would be present tonight.

The game was getting intense. We were down to a few remaining balls; it really was anyone’s game! Maybe it was the liquid courage, or the laid back atmosphere but the words came rolling off my tongue “don’t think just shoot” I shouted to my teammate. Who was carefully evaluating every angle. And that he did. That was it, that was a wrap… we won!

The next two games went in the same manner

Bragging rights achieved

That’s when I got thinking…

Why not take on that mentality in life 

Don’t think just shoot 

Shoot for your dreams, don’t overthink them. What’s the worst that can happen you don’t make it on the first shot ? You will have another chance in a mere few minutes.

We spend so much time overthinking… everything. Wondering if people will approve, if people will accept us, our work, or our dreams.

We have ideas that never flourish

Dreams that stay at just that… dreams

All because of one little 4 letter word…. No not that word…one which is much worse, more damaging and destructive.


We are scared our work isn’t perfected,

we spend hours dreaming up worst case scenarios, getting into our heads, talking ourselves into the “why not’s”

We are our own hardest critique.

It’s time to change that….

Take a chance, what is truly the worst that can happen? And guess what, even if that does happen, you have another turn. Another shot.

so stop overthinking, analyzing, worrying.

Who cares if its not “perfect”

Who cares if it’s not “finished”

From one notorious overthinking to the next, take the chance, because even if you do fail, you tried, and you learned. Use that to make your next shot better.

STOP thinking, and just shoot

you may even surprise yourself and win