I have recently made the leap from the corporate world,

into the world of the unknown

the world of dreams, creation, shattering glass ceilings and believing anything is possible.

what is this crazy mystical world I am referring to?

The world of entrepreneurship

the life of a #bossbabe

a #girlboss

of a girl with a dream, doing whatever it takes it make it happen.

This world has also taught me a valuable lesson,

there truly are two different types of entrepreneurs.

The Dreamers & the Doers

We all know them both.

The Dreamers

these guys are the ones that have the big ideas, they get excited and want to get involved with everyone and everything. They commit to everyone, talk about all their thoughts, and offer to get involved with everything. But finish nothing. They start projects with good intentions, but the deadlines and end results, just don’t seem as critical. These guys are well liked because they offer so much of their time, but are very hard to track down, and we often become frustrated with what appears to be their lack of care. Many projects go unfinished, and deadlines pass without the blink of an eye as they move on to the next task. They take long breaks, sleep in late, get side tracked, stop for social hour, they don’t prioritize; And the excuses, the excuses get more and more creative each time. These dreamers often have an active social life and well known for their minds, not their results. They do have a lot to offer, as long as you have a lot of patience.



I am Sorry if it is you, but these types make me want to rip my hair out, they make promises and commitments they don’t keep and if they do they scramble get it done at the last min, or late.  This is what made me think, what sets a successful entrepreneur apart from others.

Is it the early mornings?

The Late nights?

Do they spend more?


No the key seems to be they just do it

The Doers

These guys don’t always talk the talk, but they walk the walk. They say something, and do it. ON time, complete and do it well. Often done early. These are the guys that create the forward momentum. They propel dreams into action. Procrastination isn’t a word in their dictionary, they just DO. They wake up, make a plan and make it happen no matter what. They don’t over-commit, and they stay true to their deadlines. They Do their part and show up. They have big ideas, but do not let it stop at an idea. They make it happen, at any length. They have drive and determination. A vision they will bring into reality. They make decisions and go with it. They bring in results. Once their mind is on a task you can safely assume not only will it be done, it will be the best darn thing you have ever seen. These guys are the Steve Jobs of the entrepreneur world. They keep their words, they keep their promises and commitments. You know when they have an idea it is only a matter of time until it happens. It is no that these people don’t dream. They do, they have big dreams, the difference between the dreamer and the doer is they make their dreams happen, they know their priorities and put their dreams above all else… sometimes even sleep. They have a fire in their belly that no one or nothing can extinguish.  They just don’t get an F about excuses, or anything that wastes their time. They have a passion, and their passion is their priority.  Their idea’s may not always make sense, they may not always pan out, but the point is they take the step, the leap, the lunge.

And in the end they are successful, because success is a direct result of energy and action 

When I look at all the greats

The Tim Ferris’ and Gabby Bernsteins of our generation I realize they all have this doer trait in common.

They all do what they say they are going to do, and when they say they are going to do it

They don’t over think

They just take action

It may not always make sense

But in the end they are successful. ALWAYS

By just doing you do not leave time to overthink or talk yourself out of anything. You just take the action and move forward. If you fail, you fail, you learn and then try again.

The doers are who I strive to be in this world

The success stories

The “Don’t tell them show them type”

the ones with the big dreams, and the even bigger results.

The ones that make magic happen.

Today I chose to do, because I am a doer, and success is inevitable.