Life has been moving at such a fast pace,

a mile a minute, like a freight train on the open tracks,

My mind has been running a mile a minute trying to keep up, push forward and make my dreams come true.

Pushing, Praying, Hoping

I have been let down and discouraged by road blocks and hardships.

I have had my hopes up and shattered,

I have been doing everything in my power to “make it happen”

But that is the one thing I realized.

Sometimes the fast paced, doing everything, pushing hard is the exact opposite of what we need

We need ease and simplicity,

and as the law of attraction dictates, we get more of what we are.

So I have adopted a new lifestyle,

one where I slow down,

I stop the planning and overthinking and just truly enjoy the moment

I move with ease, grace and beauty like the delicate female I am.

I eat slowly with care, and fuel the simplest daily tasks like cutting vegetables with love.

I move slower,

I breath and take in the beauty that surrounds me.

This doesn’t mean I stop working towards my goals

It means I do so in a less stressful way. I just let go and let it be.

When the chatter begins, I laugh at myself, I talk myself out of the crazy situations I create.

I move like the love of my life is watching my every move, falling in love with my elegance and grace.

I smile more, I laugh and I have fun

Just keep it simple and enjoy the little wonders

I appreciate and love my body like the treasure it is

I take an extra five minutes to admire me.

I savor that first sip of coffee

and bask in the silence of the morning sunrise

I forget about the to do list, about being late, or forgetting.

I embrace life

and this is when i truly start to live.

When life moves too fast, it is time to take a step back

to go back to simplicity, to live with the ease and grace we all store deep down.

To forget about pushing for our dreams, and instead letting the flow of life take over.

Enjoying the journey

watching the process unfold

and being present

because only then will you truly feel peace

My mantra now says:

Today I choose to slow down and live life simply with ease, elegance, beauty and  grace

I challenge you to use this mantra today and see what magic happens