The Past few years I have been on a journey, of finding myself and uncovering the key to health. I have purged my life and rebuilt from the ground up. This process has been the most challenging yet rewarding process I have ever been through. It has good days, and bad. Days when I am motivated and ready to take on the world, and days when my mind won’t shut up.

The journey began for a number of reasons. I was a successful corporate business woman. My life looked fabulous, I had a nice house, a new car, a boyfriend and an amazing income. I was young and on top of the world. Or so it would appear. Inside I was battling depression. A depression so deep I had no desire for life. I knew I should be grateful, but this life I had created was just not fulfilling me. I was stressed out and working with a gun to my head. Never knowing if today would be my last. I was only as good as my previous month’s work, and even then, that was not enough. My relationship was a mess, it was negative, degrading and abusive. But it was comfortable.

And Comfort is the killer.

I stayed in a life I knew was not right for me.

I cried myself to sleep every night and prayer endlessly for help.

I was a victim to my own life.

But I kept moving forward, keeping up appearances. Doing what I thought was the “right” next step. Pleasing everyone but myself.

Then my life changed..

It was closing day of my first house, I was 20 and had worked my little booty off to buy a property to call my own. A place to give me the security I had never had in life, some consistency and comfort. This should have been an amazing experience, but I was stressed out, over everything and anything. I was not enjoying the process, just moving one foot in front of the other.

And that is how I ended up on a hospital bed in emerg at 20 years old with crippling meningitis.

I didn’t know what was next for me, would I even live to see the morning? If so would I ever have memory again?

How did this happen? I was a young, health nut. I did EVERYTHING I was told; jacked up the protein, add my low cal snacks, and all the greek yogurt this girl could get her hands on.

I knew it was time for a change. This was not the life for me.

So I blew up everything I knew. My entire lifestyle, my relationship, my job, my friends and family.

Got rid of anything that didn’t serve a positive purpose and began to rebuild.

The rebuild process was not simple; I read, researched and dug out the cold hard truths.

I took up yoga and meditation; falling head over heels in love with the practice.

Then came the diet overhaul.

This is where the can of worms exploded in my freaking face.

I felt that everything I had ever been taught was a lie.

I had had on and off eating issues for years; occasionally resorting to binging and purging as a way to control my life and control my body.

I wanted that ideal body, but had no knowledge. I had grown up on processed foods, and cheap quick meals.

I had no relationship with food, and instead feared it

We would snack all day, and never sit down for meals.

I truthfully had to teach myself how to use a fork for God’s Sake.

And as an adult I thought I had been doing my part. Listening to the ads, buying what I was told.

But Now the truth was flooding out, like the gates of hell had just been opened.

All these products that were said to be healthy, were actually causing the chaos in my body and mind. They were fueling the fire

I was anger, I felt deceived

And I wanted to make a change.

I left the rat race, and took a big risk, I went against what everyone said I should do and followed what I knew was right

A Freaking Lasting Change once and for all

Boom… a baby was born.

That baby is my company; Lasting Change.

I quit Sugar and took on a whole food lifestyle.

I became the best selling author of Stevia&Spice; a book on quitting sugar and my journey.

I exposed my life as a blogger, vlogger and thought leader for the world to see, as it stands today and with each step I take; a raw, real look at the truth of who I am. Fully exposed and vulnerable. A candid look at the process, a process of lessons I continue to learn everyday. A journey I was terrified to share, wondering what people would say or think. Until I realized…. I was being so selfish. I had the ability to save a life, change a life, with my story. So It was now my time to speak.

My life is still not perfect, I am still learning everyday about balance and peace.

I am learning to love and accept myself; flaws and all.

I am learning to build a healthy relationship with food

I am learning that it is ok to be imperfect

It is ok to have anxiety,

To still occasionally battle with binging and purging

To fail and make mistakes

To take risks

More than anything I am learning it is ok to be me, as unique and flawed as I am. Because there is beauty in the imperfect.

This change I am making has shown me the light. I no longer live in a room of darkness and dispare, praying for no tomorrow.

I walk up with zest and energy

A love for life

And Have been living a sugar free, whole foods lifestyle for 2 years.

I lost 30lbs,

Kicked depression in the butt.

And gave my life a 360

I am Now:

❤Involved in multiple business ventures

❤A life and business coach

❤A whole foods and quitting sugar advocate

❤A thought leader and social influencer

❤A fun and empowering business owner with a killer team

❤A well known blogger

❤A Youtuber

❤A real estate investor

❤Best Selling Author

❤Motivational Speaker

❤Reformed Rat Racer

❤Game Changer

❤Life Lover

❤A world traveler

❤A success story

&& freaking proud and happy with who I am


I am not where I want to be, but I am learning to enjoy the process, even on my worst days I am better than I was. I truly can not believe looking back on my life how far I have come. There was a time I really did not see a tomorrow. Now my tomorrow is rich with colour, love and light. It really does get better

I feel alive,

I feel the blood rushes through my veins, the smile plastered to my face and the sparkle in my eyes.

I see beauty and opportunity everywhere I look

I feel like I am walking on a cloud

I am full of love, life and joy

My life is good, really good…


this wasn’t always the case; yet this no longer defines me

I am now on a mission.

A mission I will achieve

To bring FULL health to everyone I meet; MIND AND BODY

To empower and change the lives of young girls.

To make Mindfulness main stream and reform the way we eat; because the connection to what goes in our body and our mind is undeniable

To help people fall head over heels in love with themselves and OWN their uniqueness

To realize that your past is not your future, where you came from really does not dictate where you are going.

My goal is to become a brand of positiviy and empowerment; I want people to hear my name and know it will be ok, that they are not alone, to feel the love.

I wake up every morning with this mission in mind, and continue on my journey; sharing my lessons as I learn them for the world to see.

Trust me my life is still not peachy perfect; and there are things I want to change, challenges I am working on and lessons I am learning. But I realized that is ok ,


I am making a Lasting Change so others can too