It’s the dog days of summer

The weather is hot

Tans are growing darker

Beaches are getting busier

And people are kicking back relaxing in the beautiful sun

Life is good!

I don’t know about you but On these hot summer days I tend to crave a cold treat after dinner or when I’m lounging.

Does quitting sugar mean I don’t get to enjoy a treat like everyone else ?

Hell no!!

ice creams and frozen yogurts are typically loaded with dairy, sugar and lots of nasty chemicals we try to avoid soo how is a girl supposed to satisfy her craving for cool ??

Coconuts !!!

Yesss I’m crazy for coconuts! ( I always say if I win the lottery, my goal is to have a daily shipment of precut fresh coconut delivered to the door…. a girls gotta dream)

You’re probably scratching your head…. what how do coconuts cool off this chicka in the summertime heat ??


Frozen coconuts … frozen coconut

To be specific

Basically, a gift to all us sugar-free girlies trying to have it all

They are a Canadian  brand who makes the best freaking “ice” cream on the planet

Made from real coconuts

Real ingredients

Dairy free


And STEVIA&SPICE approved low sugar! (In the recommend 1/4 cup, be careful not to exceed the portion size, there is agave in it which is super high in fructose… and fructose is not our friend )

This crazy coconut company gives us the gift of 5 mouth watering flavours, although I personally have only got my hands on the lemon meringue… which I have to say would probably show up grandmas pie any day.

It’s refreshing


And the perfect treat for a hot summer day!

Top with a strawberry cut up, and kick back like the queen you are!

These guys are a bit hard to find which is their only downfall.

I have come across them at select Loblaws and Zehers stores, metro and Foodland. But each location seems to have different inventories so it’s hit or miss.

Basically, they are a real hidden gem

And just what you need to beat the heat this summer and keep up that real food, sugar free life that makes us look and feel like Beyoncé while singing single ladies.

Have you guys tried any of the other flavours ? If so let me know your thoughts !?

Now back to the hunt for more STEVIA&SPICE approved brands for all you beautiful souls !