Mexi NIGHT ! 

This was one of my favourite nights growing up,

We would all race to the kitchen and load our plates sky high with nachos, cheese, meat and sour cream.

In recent years, these ingredients are not part of my happy, healthy lifestyle,

BUT  I am not about to give up the long-lived tradition of mexi nights, filled with all the mouth-watering spices, splashes of lime of little bites of jalapeno

Instead, we are going  to make some simple swaps to make this baby STEVIA&SPICE approved

Here’s the secretstevia and spice

Cherry tomato
Water chestnuts
Black olives
Spinach and iceberg lettuce
Taco “meat”
Lentils on stove top with jalapeños
trader joes 21 season salute, epicure taj, paprika, cumin
Lime juice
Olive oil
Top with
Unsweetened coconut yogurt
1. Add 2 tablespoons of lentils to stove top pan, slice up a few jalapenos, add spices and cook on low for 5-8 minutes until desired texture
2. In a bowl add your spinach and lettuce mixture
3. Place a few avocado slices, cucumber, tomato, water chestnuts, black olives and cashews in a ring around bowl.
4. Remove Lentils from heat, let sit for 2 min, place on top of salad
5. Garnish with Unsweetened coconut yogurt ( I like the yoso brand) and cilantro
GET THAT mexi action going and enjoy !