After The joyous day of Thanksgiving passes, pumpkin pie

If you guys are like me are full swing into holiday mode.

From Falling Leaves to Decking the Halls,

The Holiday’s are filled with warmth, laughter and yummy foods.

hold the weight gain, bulging pants and SUGAR

That’s right people, let’s make this Holiday Stevia&Spice approved

and super simple, because Tis the season to relax and enjoy

I was so excited to see this creative recipe arrive in my inbox, Jenna, one of my thriving Stevia&Spice thriving stevia and spicemembers. She made our sugar free pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but then pulled out all the stops and turned that pumpkiny goodness into a healthy breakfast casserole.  She why she is a thriving girl, we are all about the simple 2 recipes in one way

Healthy Holiday Breakfast Casserole 

By Jenna


  1. Take left over no sugar, no dairy, pumpkin pie
  2. Add Two packages of qia oatmeal 
  3. Cut pumpkin pie into pieces / you can also use just the filling
  4. Half an apple cut into pieces
  5. Half a cup of non dairy unsweetened milk ( I use coconut)
  6. Combine add some organic cinnamon on top
  7. cook at 350 for 15 minutes 
  8. Top with tablespoon of coconut yogurt and optional berries
    Makes 4 – 8 servings