Sitting here, parked in front of a beautiful lake, with the theatre visible behind me. I look out my frosted window at the small town shops, decorated with quaint charm and character. The owners smiling as they unlock their doors to begin the day. Such a simple way of life. This is life in a small town. This is life in beautiful Stratford Ontario. A town nessled somewhere between London and Kitchener, off the highway and down a backroad. A town that is silent, other than the annual festival drawing hundreds every summer. A town with simplicity, ease and dreams. 

This is a small town built on believe. Belief that anything is possible. Stratford has a thriving theatre scene that helps one to bare their soul and expose their deepest desires. Stratford is a town that gives people hope, that you can do it. No matter where you are from.

Stratford made me believe, it made me a Blieber. Stratford bore Justin Bieber, 20 something years ago. A young boy who lived a simple life, but dreamt of more. A kid who pushed for his dreams even when others laughed and said it wasn’t possible. I mean “kid you live in Stratford, Ontario” population 50 000. But he pushed on and became a name we all know, and sometimes hate to admit we love.

I see much of myself in Justin. No I am not from Stratford, I am merely visiting for the day. But I am from another small town close by. Sarnia. And I too have big dreams. 

I dream of being a published author.

I dream of being a motivational speaker and coach, helping inspire girls around the world to live a happier, healthier life.

I dream of sharing my storey, so those enchained in their past may see the freedom life can offer.

I dream of traveling the world 

I dream of being an ambassador of positivity and mindfulness.

I dream of spreading joy, laughter and love.

I dream of speaking at events like Wanderlust and International Woman’s Day celebrations, alongside my idols like Gabby Bernstein.

I dream of having a beautiful loving husband, three kids, and a house on the lake.

I dream of being a successful real estate investor and sales

I dream of helping people see you can be successful, and it doesn’t have to be stressful 

I dream of being a household name, of inspiring the world and giving back every way I can.

I dream of pouring my heart into my writings so others may feel the energy and life.

I dream, and I am often told my dreams are crazy. I am told to tone it down, to take the “normal path” I see the eye rolls, the sorry stares from family as I defy the corporate world they believe I should be in. 

Because I like Justin Believe 

I believe the best things in life come from small towns with big dreams 

And in this town, where I sit and watch the swans swim by, a light dusting of snow on the frosted grass. I feel the light in my heart. A light I cherish and hold onto. A light that will carry me to my future and guide me in the dark. 

A light no one can dull. 

Because this town helped me see. It’s not about where you came from. It’s about staying true and believing you can. 



Thank you 

Because I am a Belieber