I was born and raised in a strict Catholic family,  you know the;

Catholic school,



Sunday School,

Altar Server


I was raised with these core values, values that will remain with me for life. I am grateful I have these traditions to turn to, and a strong belief in something greater than myself. When times are tough, I believe, I trust and I pray.

I have my cross above my front door, and my palms blessed every Easter.

But, As I became and adult, I grew, I explored, and I became curious.

I wanted to learn, about the world, about cultures and about myself.

I was in a tough place, I was unhappy and lost. I needed answers, I needed change. I prayed, I pleaded and bargained with my God, but life remained consistent and my depression grew deeper.

Then I stumbled into the love of my life; YOGA.

Yoga taught me a way of life promoting balance, inner peace, living in the moment and utter bliss.

Yoga Helped quite the chatter that constantly flooded my mind.

Yoga helped me overcome the road blocks I was facing, and purge the negative in my life.

Yoga showed me that our thoughts become our reality, that I was creating the life I was running from, and there was another way.

Yoga saved me.

My mat is my bubble, a place where nothing can penetrate, where I am in the moment. The To Do List does not matter, The past is forgotten and the future is of no concern.

The moment just is.

Yoga is not a cult,

Yoga is not a religion,

Yoga is a balanced way of life,

A life of peace and harmony,

of loving and accepting yourself just the way you are.

Yoga is calm, quiet and mindful; connecting your mind and body and listening to yourself.

Finding Yoga does not mean I need to give up my Catholic beliefs and traditions.

Both can coexist within me and compliment one another.

There is often Media debate, and public comments relating to the battle to suppress Yoga from Catholics. I myself have been in these debates on numerous occasions. Instead of pointing fingers, and telling others one way of life is superior to the next. Let’s learn from all ways of life, and create one that is best for us, taking fundamentals and lessons from all religions, people, lifestyles and cultures to form ourselves into a diverse being.

Instead of rejecting one lifestyle over the other, instead of having to choose.

Let’s look at the similarities and ways in which Yoga and Catholicism compliment one another.

  • Prayer vs Meditation; core is turning inward and letting go of a higher power… whoever that power may be to you
  • Fundamentals; peace, love, joy, and happiness
  • Believe in giving back and doing good; Karma
  • Letting go and trusting
  • When you walk into a church or a studio you feel the energy, the peace the positivity
  • Malas and Rosary
  • Prayers and Mantras
  • Mary and Goddesses
  • 12 apostles; 12 zodiac signs
  • 10 Commandments; 10 Bodies
  • 7 days of creation; The sacred number 7
  • Christ is the example of how to live a peaceful life; Gurus guide you to show you how to live a peaceful life
  • In the beginning, there was the word; Sounds create the universe
  • The Kingdom of heaven is NOW; Live in the NOW
  • Go to church to find the spirit within; go to yoga to find the spirit within
  • The Holy Spirit, GOD is within us, we know the answers. We need to come to a place of quiet and peace to hear it, turning inward, or in a church. Find your peace.
  • Analyzing both scriptures, the similarities are striking; same stories, different names. Which means both stem from the same root concepts  more information: https://yogainternational.com/article/view/similarities-between-yoga-and-christianity

In both paths, God is the infinite mystery that creates all the universe.

Yoga and Catholicism are truly very similar. It doesn’t matter if you call your higher power; God, Universe, Buddha, Higher self… or any other verbiage. The truth remains you believe in a world that can be at peace, and there is a higher power. When you let Go and Let God, miracles, blessings, and life unfolds the way it was intended for you.

The debate often remains that yoga is satanic… I attribute this to lack of Knowledge. Yoga is the opposite. Yoga is peace, harmony, and love.

( also I don’t recommend the debate when you are sitting next to a Priest on a 8-hour flight)

The Moral being is both ask us to SURRENDER, surrender our need to control, to let it be. Whatever means we take to achieve that surrender is irrelevant. The key is to Let it go.

So let’s do just that;


Let Go of the debates, the finger pointing,

Let’s NOT “be one or the other, let’s live the way they BOTH teach”

Let’s stop judging and start learning

Let’s grow together

Let’s love and honour all ways of life

& Let’s find a balance because both ways of life are about just that. Balance.


I Am a Yogi, I am Catholic, I am AT PEACE