Today we live in a world where social media is king 👑

We have influences like the Kardashians and Jenners creating must have trends; like big lips, overfilled eyebrows and million dollar ripped sweaters.

We all look at these images and strive to dupe them in the most feasible way possible.Why is it that we feel the need to look like everyone else, to look like the girls on Instagram or the models on tv. Is that truly the only way we are able to feel like we belong. Instead of seeing thousands of unique, beautiful woman walking down the street, we see a society of #basics, a term that has become so mainstream is has been classified as an adjective.

The term Basic has redefined beauty, basic has become a goal. Hiding everything that makes us unique. How is it that we expect to thrive in society when we are one in the crowd, when don’t let our gifts, talents and individual beauty shine. Instead we hide it in fear of standing out.

The term basic has increase sales in white t-shirts and decreased confidence

It has raised stocks at Starbucks and Adidas

It has made Coachella coveted by millions

It has made Sephora queen


Basic is not beautiful, basic is one in the crowd

Instead of striving for basic, I strive for timeless. That simple beauty with ease and grace, of class and elegance; a beauty that highlights everything unique to who I am, a beauty that is true and will stand the test of time because it is me, it is who I am. NOT who society thinks I should be .

I am not the mold of the girl on Instagram

I will not run out and buy the latest and greatest, because everyone else is.

 I will not paint on my face or overfill my lips if it does not make me feel like myself.

I will not conform. I will not walk down the street and look like everyone else.

I will cause heads to turn and stand out in a crowd.

I will stay true to who I am, the image I feel myself in, and the uniqueness I bring the world.

I will wear what makes me happy,

Eat what makes me feel good,

Listen to the music that touches my soul,

Buy the makeup that compliments me

Buy the products I Love

Because that is me, I am not a fad, a trend or a #basicbitch