Today Is the day we let our hearts share in the joy of life,

to let go of our stresses

to forget about our challenges

to loose the victim status

to just let go, and enjoy life.

It is a day to celebrate the simplicity of Happy.

A day that symbolizes all these that make us feel good,

If for only 24 hours choose to smile, to laugh, and to celebrate Happy.

Today I challenge you to make a list of all the little things that make you happy, the simple pleasures in life that we often take for granted.

Today is a day to stop and appreciate those pleasures,

to smile at their memory and hold that feeling close to you.

Today will be an amazing day, how could it not be. It is a day to celebrate joy, happiness and life. Use today to inspire your week, start it off on the right track to just let go and let yourself be HAPPY.

What Makes you happy?

  1. The Birds chirping outside my window
  2. The fresh spring air
  3. Morning cup of green chai tea
  4. An upbeat playlist to get your body moving
  5. An upcoming vacation
  6. A good deed for a stranger
  7. Laughing just because
  8. Putting the phone away
  9. Dreams coming true
  10. The support of a close friend
  11. A cute Good Morning message
  12. Beautiful artwork
  13. Flowers
  14. The smell of a vanilla candle
  15. Romance and sweet stolen kisses
  16. Family
  17. Yoga
  18. The soft waves rolling onto the shoreline
  19. Buds opening on the trees
  20. Children laughing and singing
  21. Music
  22. seeing the magic of the universe
  23. walks outside
  24. Bubble baths
  25. Decorating a new house
  26. A happy young family
  27. New love
  28. Puppies
  29. A new house that seems just perfect for you
  30. An elderly couple looking at each other with so much love
  31. the first sip of tea
  32. rich dark chocolate
  33. conversations about life and dreams
  34. manifestation in action
  35. the love from brothers
  36. a waitress smiling through a busy lunch hour
  37. A man holding his child seeing the beauty he created
  38. Moments of inspiration
  39. Acing a test you studied your butt off for
  40. That little bit of good news just when you need it most
  41. A cute little shop, with a thought out window display
  42. Dancing
  43. The power of perfect timing
  44. Running into an old friend
  45. Smiling just because
  46. A job that fills you with passion and life
  47. Inspiring a young woman
  49. The stars
  50. The moon
  51. Palm trees swaying in the wind
  52. A fresh coconut from a tree
  53. The rays of sunlight kissing your skin
  54. Relaxing Days at the spa
  55. Massages with lavender oils