This is a question I battled for so long, every resource, documentary or recipe I  found required fancy ingredients and supplements only those with access to large whole food retail chains or had cash to spend could afford.

I just kept wondering is health not meant for everyone, even those without the deep pockets and Whole Foods on the corner.

I searched and couldn’t find a guide that fit,

that could help me cut out sugar,

live fully and SIMPLY….

why did it have to be so darn complicated to be healthy. Why was there so much conflicting information.. what was “right”

I was confused and overwhelmed

I couldn’t find a solution that fit me, my life and didn’t cost a fortune.

But I believed to the core sugar free was the way to be

so I complied everything I read

everything I learned.

and took it back to the basics.

Just eat real shit… real food…. and being sugar free didn’t mean being deprived.

I put all my juicy tid-bits together,

with my journey to a SIMPLE lifestyle of SUGAR FREE.

Stevia&Spice has now become a best seller. And is changing lives, redefining health and eliminating the confusion. Making a lifestyle of whole foods, clean sugar free living possible for everyone, every where, on every budget


The book also includes
– Over 100 meals and recipes
– Grocery list
– Holy Grail lifestyle plan
-Brands to buy
-Reading a label
– Meals for Kids
– Daily and weekly tips and mantras
-My before and after pictures