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Stevia&Spice is a global community of woman, creating wellness empires & creating lives of true HEALTH;

Together we quit sugar& find our spice for life

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By Supporting each other and helping each other thrive. Our goals are to help other be their healthiest, happiest selves and make seven-figure incomes doing it. The STEVIA&SPICE community is a place to gather with like minds, we all empower each other to create amazing lives and all over wellness.

Together we work on creating individual health by quitting sugar and finding our unique spice for life. With my belief that true health is unique to the individual, in both the mind and body. We are a community where we are all raw and real to help and support each other in finding our own spice, health, empowerment and abundance. 

As a member of STEVIA&SPICE you will have access to all of our marketing, events, our wellness programs and most importantly our community. As well as one on one communication with myself to help you design your life of wellness in a way that fits you. Quitting sugar& designing your spicey life full of fun, laughter, and mindful living.

The more people we bring into the community the more we can grow together and create amazing brands, businesses and really make an impact!  We strive to live a life of freedom and flexibility where our day is ours to follow our passions and share in each other’s successes.


If you are a social entrepreneur, mom or in the wellness industry and have a desire to make a global impact this is the vehicle for you to do so with the support of thousands of woman with similar views.

If you want to find true lasting health, cut out the sugar and live a life full of spice

I would love to have you as part of the family ! 

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