Paris- The City of Love

It truly is a Dream Come true. The Moment you land, you feel the magic of the Parisian culture and are drawn in to the simple elegance that appears around each corner. The city is flooded with life, art, music and laughter. A true joie de vivre. Parisians are some of the nicest people I have ever met…. screw what people say!

The parks that seem to pop up on every corner bless the city with life and nature, a calming peace to counter the busy streets. Paris captivates you with timeless beauty, and draws you in with charm. Letting you lock your love for the city itself on the bridge dedicated to l’amour.

Paris was an adventure of a Lifetime, which I will hold close until I am able to return to experience the magic time and time again.

J’aime Pari 

Here is some tips and tricks on how to have the time of your life in Paris, and fall in love as I did.

What I learned and tips 

✓In Paris food is very expensive, but worth it ! Be prepared to spend more than you thought

✓The meals have crazy large portion sizes

✓Expresso is pretty much a food group 

✓Meals are very simple without a ton of ingredients

✓Olive oil is everything and on everything

✓The best dressing is olive oil, salt, pepper and papkria.. I will be doing this at home

✓Chickpeas and cumin… simple and to die for… great app for guests

✓Olives and spices… again sooo simple but great app !

✓People are soo friendly and helpful, but will not wait on you hand and foot. You let them know what you want and they will do it. Don’t expect your waitress to check in every two minutes

✓Tipping is not necessary

✓The Eiffel Tower is everything you think it will be

✓There are not a ton of condiments on table no extras

✓People are at a slower pace, and life is just simpler

✓Paris is about just doing you, people make themselves a priority and it is an admirable trait

✓Reallly easy to eat real foods and be sugar free, because everything is hand made and local… it’s actually hard to find processed anything


✓The Louvre is huge, in 2.5 hours we only covered one wing; see the Mona Lisa.

✓The cement blocks out front of the Louvre are for pictures to make it look like you are holding the top of the pyramid

✓The Louvre is reflected upside down inside, you see this on the way out

✓The Ferris wheel is hard to find- never found it

✓Markets, Markets, Markets

✓If you attempt to speak French people will help you

✓Just wander and be amazed, the city is magical

✓The boat tour up top is cool but the audio tour inside is way more interesting

✓Walk everywhere you can- hello 20k a day

✓Use metro when you can’t walk, line 6 is key

✓Weather changes very quickly.. pack an umbrella

✓Plan ahead line is long for catacombs

✓Catacombs are creepy as effff… but cool to see, get the audio tour

✓Bring a picnic to Eiffel tower, and just sit on the park side

✓Cross the bridge to see both sides of the Eiffel Tower, both offer different perspectives

✓Pay for toilets, so learn to hold it or bring some change

✓On the road by the Louvre, close to the lock bridge you will find amazing local artists with well priced hand made art

✓Bring a lock for the bridge

✓The Shakespeare café is close to Notre Dame and well worth seeing

✓There is always an event going on in Paris

✓Don’t have a plan, once you start wandering it goes out the window anyway, you will want to stop everywhere

✓At the Louvre see; The Mona Lisa, Roman Art, Greek statues, and Arabic exhibit…. All are so unique

✓Nights are chilly 

☂☂It rains…. a lot

✓People are well dressed always in simple elegance; black isn’t just a colour, it is a way of life

✓✓✓✓Just cross the street 

✓To get to Versailles take metro 6 to RER Vick… or spend two hours trying to figure this out

✓Buy your tickets for the palace and pay two dollars more at the tourist booth in Versailles

✓Buy the pass that gives you access to everything in the Versailles palace

✓The waterfalls to music are life changing

✓Marie Antoinette is a babe…. See everything you can that relates to her and soak in her vibes

✓The first large palace in Versailles is just a museum.. the small and Marie Antoinette’s house are much more interesting

✓Have a picnic with someone you love in a boat on the grand canard at the back of the palace du Versailles

✓Love is everywhere

✓Latin quarters by Notre Dame are the best place for local food and vibes

✓The island is great for cheaper boutique shopping

✓Don’t both getting macaroons anywhere other than Ladurée even those selling them elsewhere will tell you that

✓Again… expresso, try one everywhere, worry about the caffeine impact when you get home

✓French directions are very vague.. just walk 5 min and turn left….

✓We still never found the Ferris wheel did you ?

✓French Men… need I say more?

✓Red lipstick always, anytime of day

✓Pick pocketing is a thing, but it didn’t happen to us

✓Don’t go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you can’t see any more than the second floor

✓If you want to eat at the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower you must book in advance


✓Indian Restaurant on Rue de Leon Jost is the best

✓✓✓Be Bold…

What I loved 

❤Parc du Tower Effilé

❤People are very friendly

❤Meals take hours and people sit enjoy watching people walk by

❤Chairs are facing out at cafes so you can sit and enjoy

❤No one is in a rush

❤Everywhere you turn is something new and beautiful

❤French men are not scared to approach you but are also very respectful

❤Men are so well dressed

❤Shakespeare and company café

❤Area by the Island is like gothic in Barcelona, best local food

❤The water gardens in Versailles

❤Amazing Metro system

❤You can feel the love

❤People are honest

❤Wander the gardens Versailles

Where to Stay 

✓✓✓ BVJ Champ élysées – 100% best hostel I have ever stayed at!! Super chic and clean, staff is great and has the cutest rooms with private vanity. The courtyard is to die for, everything is in black iron and white marble. Much more of a hotel than a hostel, people of all ages and family were staying there. Walking distance to everything !!


What to do 

✦Notre dame- you can walk on top, we found this out later

✦Markets across the bridge on the other side of the Eiffel Tower

✦Street Markets area by Catacombs

✦Explore Both sides of Eiffel tower

✦Talk to Locals

✦Local festivals are amazing

✦Cabernet or theater show !

✦Thetheatere district by Charles de Gaulle Etoile

✦Arc de Triomphe and the memorial to the unknown soilder

✦Champ élysées, you don’t need to shop just take it in

✦The Louvé !!!

✦Boat tour by Effilé Tower

✦Try espresso- everywhere

✦Lock bridge by the Louvre

✦Army Musée

✦Latin Quarters

✦Shakespeare Café

✦Find Local markets

✦Talk to strangers

✦Wander in the parks

✦GO to Versailles

What to pack

You do not need much to look stylish and conquer Paris. Below are a few of my essentials


✔Small black backpack

✔Red lipstick

✔Good cute shoes; ballet Flats

✔Black Blazer

✔Black Jeans

✔White or blue and white striped t-shirt

✔One Little Black Dress

✔Your own snacks to save money

✔An open mind

What to Wear

Paris style is simple, elegant, and timeless. Think Black, white and beige. With the signature splash of red. Sophisticated and chic, ready to slay the day morning till night.

✦Black pants or jeans

✦Black blazer

✦Black sunglasses

❤Red lipstick

✦Striped shirt

✦Leather jacket

✦Black leotard

✦Black tank top

✦Black Dress

✦Beige Scarf

✦A sundress if you go to Versailles, it is much more of a quiet countryside atmosphere than Paris

BASCIALLY black on black


What to eat 



♨Indian place on Rue Leon Jost !

♨Moroccan Restaurant in Versailles

♨Latin Quarters; Café Crete


♨Olives and Olive Oil

♨♨♨Local Markets for fresh produce

♨Fresh beautiful salads

Key Phrases to sound like you know what you are talking about

✦Sa Sas – that’s it

✦Je veux- I want

✦Ça va? Ça va et toi ?- Good you?

✦Bonjour et Bien soir – Good Day or Good Evening

✦Je dit No Merci- I said no thank you… those pesky street vendors

✦Pardon- Excuse Me

✦Les addition- the bill

✦Je vais – I have

✦Moi-tea-a, Moi-tea-a ( phonetic)- split in half for the bill

5 things I would tell someone 

✔Forget what people tell you it is amazing and so are the people

✔Don’t Plan just wander and take in the beauty

✔Look Like a local, be treated like a local… wear black

✔Try to speak the language

✔It is a dream come true, you can truly feel the love

Fave 3 Things about Paris 

❤Parc du Effilé

❤Parc du Versailles

❤Champs élysées