Today I got the call, the one that I had known was coming. 

The one that said as of the end of the month I would no longer be needed. I was loosing my job.

In this situation one would expect to get upset, to get worried or stressed.

But I couldn’t fight the smile that was spreading across my face. I felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted from my shoulders. I had been wanting to leave for so long, this job was a demanding sales position that drained and consumed me, I stayed because it paid. But the universe had other plans. He said ” if this girl isn’t leaving on her own,I’ll make her”

I have changed my life completely over the past few years. I have eliminated everything that did not serve the highest good and promote positivity in my life… everything expect this job.

Why ??

Because of fear

Fear of risking it all and going out on my own.

Fear of not having an income

Fear of the unknown…

But in that moment when my fears became reality, I didn’t feel fear. I felt happy and grateful. 

I am not scared of not having an income; I have a sleek little resume and the plaques to back it up.  I could jump back into the corporate world at any time and go back to the six figure income. One that stresses me out, limits me  and consumes my energy. I could do this to gain that security of a steady income at anytime but that’s not me , that’s not who I am anymore and I know I need to take a risk. A risk I didn’t have the guts to take until it was forced upon me.

I had been working for years with a gun to my head, a robot to corporate greed, letting this fortune 500 drain my mind, body and life. To conform me instead of accept me, to put me in a box I was screaming to escape from 

In that moment when I should have felt fear, I felt the opposite. Like the world was my oyster and the possibilities were endless. The true reason that I had been feeling anxious and fearful for so many months is I was living a life I wasn’t intended on living. Staying at a job that wasn’t meant for me. I was anxious because in the deepest part of me I knew it wasn’t my truth. It was consuming time and energy I could be investing into my purpose, my passion, my life and me. Into creating and growing my brand, my business and my dreams.

The irony of this situation is I had felt it coming, I had put on my goal board for the month that I would be leaving this job, and on the weekend I had thrown out anything and everything I found that was related to this company…. before I had even received the call. I created this because deep down I knew I had to make a change. 

Money is just an energy and flows easily when you don’t stress over it. Follow your passions and dreams and everything else falls into place.

SO today I celebrate

I feel the shift already; I feel lighter, happier and at ease. I feel like myself again 

Today I celebrate the start of my life, of new beginnings and adventures. Of Pure and total freedom.

Because I feel free for the first time in years.

I don’t feel the need to plan or control

To stress or worry.

I can just live and live life to the fullest.

I am granted the most amazing opportunity:

This is the best feeling in the world

✖I Never have to check those dreadful emails again

✖Log onto the terribly built corporate website

✖Sit through a town hall

✖Present a topic I don’t care about or believe in

✖Pretend I care about another training session

✖Answer nagging calls from my boss about numbers

✖Worry about my numbers

✖Spend 12-14 hours a day on the road to see clients

✖Loose sleep over my results

✖Cold call and log useless data

✖feel the pressure of never being enough, of not being able to be me and let my value show



✔I can do what I want and just have fun now

✔I don’t report to anyone

✔My dreams are mine for the taking

✔I feel free and at complete peace

✔It’s time to play and live for me

✔The mental clutter is gone

✔I am no longer a corporate rat and never will be again 

✔I am not tied down I can do what I want, go where I want and be who I want and finally invest everything into my dreams

✔✔ I can invest all my energy into my dreams and business to see where this baby can go

The possibilities are endless. 

The goals I had that once seemed overwhelming because I had too much on my plate are now right within reach. They are mine and nothing will stop me now. I am living my truth and taking a chance.

So now let’s watch,

Let’s together see what these next few months bring.

Truthfully I know i could have another job in a second, but I need to try building my brand. I need to try.

This is my “biggest” failure, and yet the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I Know that by investing everything into my brand, I will become the success I was born to be. I succeed at everything I put my full energy into. And now, Now is my time to shine

to sit back and watch the magic unfold

and to finally enjoy life.

To smile, laugh and have fun because the last string to my past has been chopped.

My days are now mine, my life is now mine;

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and today, I am on top of the world. 


**peace outttt**✌