My Name is Dayna and I the face of a food revolution, I move people from the passenger seat to the driver seat of LIFE

Motivating Girls to Fall in Love with who they are 

I help young woman feel happy, confident and truly love who they are. Changing lives through quitting sugar and becoming unapologetically true to who they are. I inject the world with Creativity, Happiness, Positivty and FUN!

I have worked for 3 Fortune 500 companies, I have a brag worthy resume and the credentials to land any position I choose. But after being on the inside I realized the corporate rat race was not for me, I was a robot, a number on an excel spreadsheet. I was replaceable. There had to be more to life than the 3 grey walls of the cubicle I sat in. So I made a change; and I want to inspire you to do so too.

I am now a Holistic Therapist and Life Coach who transforms lives. Proving your past does not determine your future, and anything is possible when we create a healthy lifestyle that feels good to each of us uniquely from in both the mind and body.


“Life Doesn’t have to be so serious. Let’s HAVE SOME FUN AND ENJOY IT.”

I Am

Holistic Therapist

Queen of Quitting Sugar

Manifesting Master

Author of Stevia&Spice

Voice of Change

Food Activist

Life Coach & Speaker

Vlogger& Blogger

Lifestyle Overhauler

Mind&Body Coach


WORLD Traveller

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