Mindfulness and Meditation have grown to play an important role in my life.

It is my time to just let it be, the calm in the chaos, a time when nothing else matters. 

When I tell people I meditate, or I practise mindfulness, I often get the looks…. as if I just stated I practise black magic.

Meditation doesn’t have to be all woo-woo. Meditation can simply be a break, a breather in your day.

Maybe it’s 5 minutes laying down, phone shut off, eye mask on candles lit.

Maybe it is a bath after a long day, with soft music and a glass of wine

Maybe it is a walk outside, down your favourite trail, listening to the bird’s chirp and smelling the beautiful flowers

Maybe it is as simple as your “me time” a foot massage, a pedicure or some of your favourite massage oils.

Meditation does not have to be one thing, it is a practice meant to help bring you peace, in whichever way feels best to you.

My typical day begins with calm. This has become something I crave

I wake up around 6-6:30

I light my candles and sit up in bed,  lately, I have loved having sage burning and holding my beautiful pink crystals … again this may be too woo-woo for you, but it has become something I adore.

I sit in silence for a few minutes just breathing and playing my new favourite mind game

“what if”

“What if… today is going to be a great day”

“What if… I meet someone amazing today”

“What if… I find the right editor today”

“What if… this go really well for me”

“What if… New opportunities open up today”

“What if… I just let go and have fun”

Anytime a flash of negativity of self-doubt creeps up into my mind, I stop, and change the thought to a simple what if it is possible. This shifts the energy to one of lightness and possibility.

I then begin to play my new favourite mantra ( video below), this mantra has been one which I have been very connected to lately, it is one that has brought me peace and calm. It has been one I crave when I feel doubt or stress.

The mantra has been said to help remove obstacles and barriers preventing us from creating our dreams.

Believe it or not, but just give it a shot.

I play this mantra, sit and listen to it and instantly feel calm and ease. Let me know what you feel !

Once I play my mantra I read my new go to affirmations found on page 106 of Beautiful Money ,  these mantras have been a guiding force behind my success

Then I start my day, taking time to light my candle, cook my oatmeal, sip my tea and enjoy the morning.

I have begun priotizing self care, the more time I make for me the better I feel and the more I end up getting done in a day. It’s ok to slow down, It’s ok to pamper yourself, It’s ok to be selfish and do things that make you feel good. It is ok to take time for you… It is more than ok. It is necessary. The more time you take to nurture and love yourself the more love, wealth, health and success you begin to attract. You always get more back of what you give yourself…. it’s the undeniable law of attraction.

These practices are critical to my well being and happiness,

It is my current routine, yet one that is always evolving and changing based on what my body needs. The important part is to listen to yourself, and follow what your heart is telling you is best for you, because that is when we find peace, ease and grace.

My life may not be exactly where I want it to be just yet, but these practises help me to fall in love with life, with myself and just enjoy the journey with peace.

Hope this brings some peace into your day

Check out the mantra below and let me know your thoughts !