Yesterday I received an email with a great question; a question I get often

” What about Fruit and Natural Sugars, what is your opinion?”

Here is why it is such a great question;
Quitting sugar isn’t about restriction
‘It isn’t about deprivation
It isn’t a short term fix
It is a lifestyle, and what that means is you must make it your own.
DON’T do exactly what I tell you, I am sharing my journey to inspire you to make it your own. To figure out what works for you, and adapt my ways into the lifestyle that best suits you!
 I am a big believer in doing what is right for your own body and lifestyle. My personal opinion is fruits are part of a balanced diet, but they are also natures candy. So I practice moderation. Fruits still have high fructose levels that can increase blood sugar and trigger inflammation and insulin resistance if over consumed.  Fruits like watermelon, pineapple, banana and mango’s are among the highest in the fructose levels. Personally I do enjoy a piece or two, but use this metaphor. When it comes to candy do you eat the whole bag, or have one or two pieces? Apply this to nature’s candy as well. Instead of eating the whole mango, maybe have one slice every now and then. If you are craving this treat, don’t feel the need to avoid it, just think about the amount you are ingesting. 
Berries have a ton of natural fiber so it offsets the sugar. These are my go to! I eat them every morning with breakfast, on top of my oats or on their own. I add them to my water, or use them as a sweet snack in the summer. Yet even with berries I still consume in moderation. A whole container of blueberries is going to spike those blood sugar levels, while 5 or 6 will be just the yummy treat you are craving.

When it comes to natural sugars like maple syrup, dates, agave, coconut sugar, cane sugar, and honey.  I just dont got there. They are hot topics right now especially in vegan foods. I am a huge supporter of veganism, I think it can be great whole lifestyle, but my biggest obstacles when ordering are at vegan restaurants. I find they often remove the animal products and replace it with these trendy sugary substances, which is a reason we often see vegans who still suffer from weight issues or other health related issues.

These natural sugars actually have higher fructose levels than refined sugar. Yes they are less processed but the sugar impact is just as high or higher. I do not use these at all. A great alternative is Stevia ( check out my book Stevia&Spice to learn more about alternatives and meal options  )

Any time we up the fructose levels we get all the negative impacts like the Belly bloat, weight gain, acne, digestion issues, anxiety, depression, inflammation the list goes on ! Fructose is what is detrimental to our health, and causes chaos, it is the substance that keeps us addicted.

So in summary

✔ Fruit is a must- just be smart on your portion sizes

✖ Popular “healthy sugars” I just don’t do.

To learn more about glucose vs. fructose check out this amazing site !