Toronto is a city of diversity; from the people and architecture to the music and the food. There is truly something for everyone.

Even us Stevia&Spice girls !  It is so important to me to scout out all the amazing local healthy eats and do the dirty work for you  guys ( aka trying all the goodies … not sorry )

But the reality is I go too far lengths to find places to put the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval on, just because a restaurant is listed as vegan, organic or healthy does not mean it has any control or knowledge on the sugar content of their eats, which is my opinion is the biggest health factor.

So I take one for the team

Scout our little places,

Talk to owners,

Ask questions … a lot of questions

Try menu items 😉

And find ways to sub anything on my naughty list

Some of these places get annoyed with the questions, but my health comes first !

And guys this is all on my own dime

Recently I was exploring Instagram trying to find my next local go to lunch spot when I stumbled across nutbar

A hidden gem ! Literally!

It’s sleek location is down a set of stairs, beyond two glass doors into a little space decorate in beautiful chic white doubters and wood table tops 

It’s walls are plastered with fun and Intreiguing health facts !

Now their big win … the menu !

All real foods

Beautifully put together in a simple presentation.

The menu does have many items with agave, coconut sugar, dates, honey, syrup and bananas.

But the staff was amazing and helpful offering suggestions and substitutes.

The first thing I ordered was a matcha tea … warm and creamy made from ceremonial organic matcha, steamed in a homemade nut milk. The milk does contain dates, but only two I. The whole batch keeping those fructose levels in line !

I sipped away in glory then moved onto the avocado toast with crisp white radish, drizzled with the most amazing smoked olive oil and sprinkled with nutritional yeast … soooo good ! Get it !

Because this menu was so interesting I decided to go back for round two the next day, a hot sunny Toronto summer day and I was craving a cool acai bowl.

Many times acai is on the no go list because it’s loaded with sugars … well these guys do it right ! Just acai, berries and kale.. yum yum

Typically a banana is added, but the oh so helpful Dylan helped me to find a Stevia&Spice approved sub. We opted for extra nut butter, and again win! They have unsweetened!  He suggested the next time to use avocado as well since it can be used to thicken the mix in s similar way the banana would.

The homemade granola did have honey and syrup so we subbed that baby out for a tasty coconut, nut and oats mix. Top it off with some raw cacao and bee pollen and you have a magic combination… with the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval! 

Over all this place was a five star in my books ! From the decor to the staff and most importantly the menu!

My next trip will involve a taste of the detox water! What is E3? Not sure but I will find out and let you know !

Great job nutbar!


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