When asked to describe what “healthy” is many of us have a different definition.

Does that make one right and one wrong?

Not at all! We all have our own definition because health means something different to each of us.

For Me, health is a mind, body connection. The feeling of the food we eat, and the energy it gives us to fuel our day, lifestyle and create our dreams.

Imagine if a company had this same mentality when making food, food that is good for us, for our own definition of health. Food that TASTES yummy, and is real!

                PLUS low sugar ! AKA STEVIA&SPICE APPROVED

Well let’s be thankful, because we no longer need to imagine. YOFIIT created !

YOFIIT has a line of unreal bars and chickpea milks. Their whole company philosophy is for created for active people with the mindset of YOUR FITNESS. ya that’s right OWN IT.

All their tasty treats are made with amazing sprouted real ingredients like ancient quonia, and mouth watering chia seeds. GMO free … aka none of the natsy chemicals that sneak into most of the food on our shelves. PLUS PLANT BASED FOR THE WIN .. HOLLLAAA

Just like this sassy chickaa they are taking the world by storm with their food activism helping to promote REAL nutrition ! By controlling the yummness we put into our body, we can control how we impact the world around us and our mindset! pay it forward!

Ever want to buy a milk alternative, but read the label and see things like carageenan and gum? WHAT IS THAT? isn’t this supposed to be a healthy alternative? WELL YOFIIT said hell no to these foreign substances and decided to keep it real with their thick, creamy chickpea milk ! Perfect over 3 years, with research from across the globe! SOY FREE, NUT FREE, NON GMO. and taste like a dream. This milk is so creamy making it perfect for just about anything, cooking, cereal, coffee, smoothies or just sippin away.


CURIOUS I BET, because I mean have you really ever heard of chickpea milk?  GAME changer !

Wondering what cereal or shake to mix this bad boy up with? DON’T worry they have you covered there too! With a whole line of quinoa based shakes, cereals and warm breakfasts. Maybe the alarm going off today wasn’t such a bad thing now was it 😉

 EVRY SINGLE PRODUCT IS UNDER 6 grams of sugar !! I have until not found a brand with these many options ALL STEVIA&SPICE APPROVED


yes it get’s even better! THE BARS

YoFiit has 3 of the hands down best snack bars I have ever tried. Honestly, I drove over 30 mins to two stores just to get my hands on the chia cacao!

You are covered from AM- PM ( but not after 9pm if you are super lame like me and can’t do the night owl gig).

They give you three tasty options !

APPLE CINNAMON morning fibre bar- Imagine having your morning tea, with the taste of a beautiful warm apple strudel, just like grandma used to make, only guilt free. These are the most wonderfully warming bars bringing you the comforts of home to you with each amazing bite. Loaded with all the fibre to keep your belly full until lunch! ** PRO TIP warm these up for a min or two and you would swear you are eating an apple cinnamon strudel.

Anyone else get the 4pm energy drop, and just need a little pick me up? what would you think about a Lemon and coconut treat, the beautiful aroma of uplifting lemons and the taste of tropical coconuts, transporting us from office to island with each bite. The coconut lemon protein bars will do just that, so get those bikinis packed for your island adventure.

NOW the culprit of the 30 min detour. My PERSONAL FAVE


OH MY GOODNESS.  truthfully don’t think there is a better combination in this world.

The delicate taste of real cacao, combined with chia and the hit of goji to add just the right amount of sweetness makes this one of the best tasting bars I have ever had. So just call it a day now and go get yourself a well deserved bar of wonder and enjoy the magic of these flavours.

YOFIIT, you are genius THANK YOU