We all know those guys…. and girls 😉

You know, the ones at the gym; grunting and lifting weights as their arms shake, flexing their bulging muscles in the mirror and comparing today’s protein intake with their “lifting buddy”

Then there are the ads; “21g of protein !! In just one scoop”

“High in Protein”

“Protein, Protein Protein”

and honestly …. wtf are prouts?

It is all the rage right now, and many of us are using as a synonym for healthy.

But are we over doing it?

Protein is a critical part of our health routine, maintaining protein and fats keeps us full, and helps to fight fat.

Natural protein that is

Marketing has taken over this topic, and has told many of us that we need more and more protein in our lives. Adding it through shakes, bars and unnatural sources. It has become an industry, a marketing strategy; great for sales, but how good is it for our health?

The truth is we do not need all the access proteins and supplements if we are sticking to a whole food… real food diet. But where is the money in that?

All the advertised excess protein actually be doing more harm that good; when we over load our bodies with protein it actually has a toxic effect on our livers, reversing the effects we are desiring.

Too Much protein may actual contribute to weight gain, liver failure and become a poison in our bodies 

Marketing has made it hard for us to know what is truly healthy, they capitalize on health trends using them to sell us more products.

It’s important to know the facts,

Listen to your body

and Just eat real food !! In moderate amounts.

Don’t fall into the marketing ploys, remember their goal is to confuse you, it makes them $$$$

How Much should you be eating? Check out the link below