STEVIA&SPICE is more than quitting sugar.  It is a wellness transformation, changing your mindset around what we put into our bodies, and the impact it has on our lives.  It is a mind and body transformation.

STEVIA&SPICE is the start of a wellness revolution

This is a 21 day plan to help you find freedom,

It’s Not a program; it is a lifestyle.

Quit sugar and to eat a whole foods lifestyle. A 21 day plan to love yourself. It allows you to reflect and fill in enteries as well as track your progress. I have included what I did for 21 days to help inspire your journey.

— now includes tips for raising sugar free children
– $1 from all sales will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters programs

What’s Inside

Meal Plan



Mantras, Tips

Grocery Guide

& Much More

The book also includes

  • Over 100 meals and recipes
  • Grocery list
  • Holy Grail lifestyle plan
  • Brands to buy
  • Reading a label
  • Meals for Kids
  • Daily and weekly tips and mantras
  • My before and after pictures