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The key to making this a lifestyle is making it feel right for you ! Use this guide as an inspiration, don’t do what I do, learn from what I do and make it your own


Let my journey inspire you

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Want to quit sugar, but have no clue where to start !? Or in need of some life changes ?  

Become the driver of your own life and design a life that is healthy, true and authentic to you
Starting my first program and looking for people who want to make a real change and take control of their life
It is a 28 day lifestyle designer, combining quitting sugar and adopting a more mindful approach to what and how we eat 

This isn’t about a diet, or quick fix. It’s learning from me and my journey to make a healthy lifestyle that works for you !

In the Stevia&Spice Quit Sugar lifestyle program ! 

You get a:
1. Sugar free 28 day Ebook
2. Private Facebook group with the STEVIA&SPICE community to share pictures, tips, tricks, custom emails, meditations and recipes.. ALTERNATIVES FOR EVERYTHING SO YOU NEVER FEEL DEPRIVED !!
3. Access to me for all help and support
4. Weekly live group calls and private coaching
5. The opportunity to create a sugar free LIFESTYLE that’s best for you
It’s all about keeping it simple.

How Do I Start?

Meal Ideas


Tips & Tricks


3 Meals a day with 1 snack option



  • Real Food
  • Less than 6 grams of Sugar per serving
  • 3 filling balanced meals
  • Awarness of Natural Sugars
  • Alternatives for everything
  • Never feel deprived
  • WINE LIST !!

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