When I first started on my journey of quitting sugar, restaurants were one of my biggest stresses. I never knew what was in the food, the sauces were loaded with sugar, and the staff was less than pleased when I asked them questions or tried to sub out items.

I started limiting what I ordered to steamed veggies, fish no sauce and salad no dressing.

To say the least, this was not fun.

I wanted to be able to enjoy the flavours, try new items, and not worry about the food going into my body.

Health shouldn’t be hard, 

I should be able to order food that looks good, feels good and tastes great!

I shouldn’t feel alienated because I am trying to do something good for my body.

So I decided, instead of trying to change items on the menu and piss off anymore wait staff.

Why not just find STEVIA&SPICE approved restaurants.

Ones that I can have a great meal experience,

that have a clean menu,

that have sauces without tons of sugar, ( remember to keep it under 6grams)

that have great helpful staff,

and that allows me to eat without feeling guilty, that gives me freedom and flexibility in my choices.

Sounds impossible?

Ya I thought so too

then along came Freshii

so basically the gates of heaven opened up and all my dreams have come true.

It was everything this healthily, suga free sista was asking for. All in a pretty green bowl.

The restaurants were decorated with Eco-friendly furniture, with beautiful simplicity. White walls were covered in mock green grass, and simple images of real food hung on the wall.

There was a stack of clipboards when you entered, allowing you to selected exactly what YOU wanted in YOUR food, and how much of it.



if you weren’t sure about an item, not only did they have FULL nutrition facts, ingredients and allergens; they also have a nutritionist on call to answer any and all questions…. LIKE IS THIS PLACE EVEN REAL !!

The bowls, salads, wraps, and soups are made fresh as you order, with CLEAN, REAL ingredients!

even the oatmeal doesn’t have added sugar! ( why does oatmeal even need sugar people?)

The sauces are freaking made from REAL FOOD… NOT SUGAR. aka I can actually get a cilantro lime dressing and not worry about the sugar content.

The staff is unbelievably helpful and will help you to customize any of your orders to your nutritional liking..

&& If that isn’t enough… they have made fresh meal programs, so you can have your dinners prepared for you in advance. Yuuppp clean, healthy dinners, even when you are busier than superwoman.

They are an honest, grassroots company, just trying to make an impact and give people healthy options.

AND in case I didn’t mention, it tastes great too.

Freshii is by far my favourite restaurant to go to, quick, easy, tasty… STEVIA&SPICE APPROVED

Honestly just look at the pictures and drool for a second will you… soo good.

Check out these jaw dropping nutrition facts

are 10 stars allowed?