I am a romantic at heart,

I love the moon, roses, sweet French love songs and a steamy evening in. Imagine a night  curled up by the fireplace with chocolate, champagne, and your beautiful love. Picture perfect. Many people think when you go sugar free you are forced to miss out on beautiful nights like this. But that is not the case ! There are ways you can have it all, you can eat your cake ( sugar free of course) and have it too. Like with this amazing recipe!

I like to pair this romantic dessert with this low sugar sparkling wine (7g per bottle)



Modifications** for extra sweetness add a pinch of steevia. Make sure the chocolate you use is unsweetened ( I use baker’s)


Magic two ingredient chocolate mousse

Our magical vegan chocolate mousse uses only 2 ingredients (+ optional chilli) and its light, fluffy texture is to die for. It takes minutes to make, but it disappears in seconds!RECIPE: http://www.lazycatkitchen.com/fluffy-vegan-chocolate-mousse/

Posted by Lazy Cat Kitchen on Saturday, March 4, 2017


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