Have any of your guys been on Instagram lately? LOL right .. you are probably on it right now.

Come across any of those famous foodies ( who I LOVE btw) Such inspirations!

They are all about the smoothies. BUT have you ever tried to recreate one?

THERE ARE SOO MANY freaking ingredients, I get overwhelmed by the prep pile on my counter top, and some of these are so fancy and exotic I think even Amazon would have a hard time sourcing.

MY health beliefs are simple… it should be simple and easy for everyone on ANY budget.

SO here is how I make the best freaking smoothie, no importing ingredients required.

ALWAYS STEVIA&SPICE approve, aka these babies are not loaded with PILES of fruit




½ cup frozen broccoli

½ cup frozen spinach ( nuggets)

Handful fresh spinach (YUM)

½ cup of strawberries (frozen or fresh) or berries of choice

1 Teaspoon Tahini

1 Teaspoon unsweetened Nut butter

¾ cup FULL FAT unsweetened coconut milk

Pinch of Sea salt ( fluffs this baby up)

Option: Stevia


THAT’S it!  IF you want to turn it to a bowl, just top with some unsweetened coconut, nut butter, or nuts. KEEP IT SIMPLE