Life is all about Balance, 

For my a Key Part of balance is finding a routine that fits, that fits my lifestyle, and the current season.

Each season gives us an opportunity to reevaluate our daily routines and find a new norm.

Maybe the sun is rising earlier helping us rise earlier

Maybe our breakfasts switch from hot to cold, or cold to hot

Maybe we need to up that moisturizer, or invest in some lifesaving fizz control.

No matter what you do.

Finding a routine that works for you is key to a balanced stress free life.

Spring Has Now sprung !!
This means;

The birds are a little happier

The Sun is a little warmer

The mornings are a little brighter

Life feels a little lighter

&& Flowers are everywhere

It is a beautiful time of the year, and a nice contrast to the heavier darker months of winter.

For me Spring is a time to purge, get rid of anything that is weighing  me down from the winter Months.

It is a time I change up my routine to get more active, and have lighter cooler meals.

I add more colour and life into my life

And my diet begins to fill with fresh berries, cooler salads and yogurts.

We have more sunlight in spring, and to me this means more time to conquer life !! Can I get a fist pump ladiessss 

Routines are key to helping reduce stress and anxiety; they help you conserve time, mind space and energy for your passions and things that matter in your life. They help reduce indecisiveness, and stop obsessing over trivial things such as what to eat, when to eat, or what to do today. It’s laid out for you, and your body just knows what to do next. It becomes a more peaceful way of being, giving you much needed time back into life.

Spring is about freedom; so give yourself the freedom and time you deserve to enjoy it


My Spring  Routine

  1.  Wake around 6 am
  2. Make Bed
  3. Visualize my day or my goals for 5 minutes
  4. Open my blinds and windows, get fresh air and sunlight
  5. RUN or move my body in some way
  6. 3 sun salutations, full yoga practice or back bend, shoulder stand, jump up and down 21 times and headstand
  7. Meditate in whichever way i feel that day
  8. Make Breakfast ( download included of go to meals) always clean up after meals
  9. Blast some fun tunes and dance a little while I get ready
  10. Make a tea and write a blog post; I have committed to one post a day … your welcome
  11. Study for my real estate exam
  12. Make some lunch and clean up
  13. Work on my business and with clients; prepare client plans, work with brand partnerships, work on speaking events and workshops
  14. Admin work …. BOOOOO go home 
  15.  *** One day a week I spend my afternoon doing errands
  16. Email, admin and social
  17. Yoga- dizzle get my down dawg on
  18.  Dinner and clean up
  19. Look for reno ideas
  20. Study or meet up with friends
  21. Bath or shower
  22. Take the Dog for a walk
  23. Get ready for bed
  24. Read at least one Chapter
  25. Meditate and reflect on day                               **** newest reflection tequnique, think about things that created stress today, make a list and write one way to change it for tomorrow, and 3 things that you did well today. BE PROUD OF YOUR ACHOMPLISHMENTS
  26. Pass the efffff out

I am a creature of habit and this routine works well for me in the spring months, But it is not a set of rules. It is a guideline meant to change as needed. Create a routine that works for you, but be flexible and adapting as the days go on!

Happy Spring ladies


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