I am all about all real food all the time.

Foods that are :


♥Budget Friendly

♥Made from ingredients we can pronounce



ya that’s right

It is so hard to find products that are not loaded with all the refined nastiness that creates chaos in our bodies.


also challenging to find ones that are not loaded with “healthy sugars” aka your honey, agave, dates, coconut syrup… the list goes on. Because these guys…. well they may be healthier but they still cause chaos to our fructose levels. leading to weight gain, thyroid issues, inflammation, digestion issues, depression, anxiety, loss of energy, mood swings, hormone imbalance…  how is that for healthy?

and the worst part is they are marketed to unsuspecting mommies and children who are just trying to do their part and stay healthy… not cool guys, not cool


I go crazyyyy for brands that create something that is everything this suga free sista can ask for


LOW sugaaa♥♥♥ *( my rule is 6grams or less per portion size)

and tastes like God himself spent all day in the kitchen

SOOO what should we buy?

I for one am not a big snacker… 3 full meals a day keeps this diva going.

But sometimes we need an afternoon pick me up && my go to ????


Yofiit Midday Energy bars

in the most amazing flavour; cocao and goji berrie **** HII is it already christmas?

✔ 7gr of Fibre

✔ Vegan

✔ Gluten Free

✔ No Soy

✔ No Nuts ( only the one eating it) guiltyyyy

✔ all those omegas that make our skin shinee

✔✔✔✔ 5grams of sugar per bar

Basically what I am saying, put down what you are doing, get in the car, and get these babies NOWWWW

Yofitt also has other amazing products, which I have not tried but can not wait to get my paws on !!!

or go here 》》》》 https://yofiit.com/online-store/


  • Cereal
  • Granola
  • Oatmeal

ALLLL unreal flavours, and allllll low in sugar.

did we just win the lottery???

I think so …..

K I am Hungry ….bye