Well where is my easy button,

because that was freaking easy. Once I gave up trying to push and just trusted the process, everything starts to flow again the way it is supposed to. It is the easiest concept, but also one of the most challenging ones to do. We think we need to control everything in order to make it happen. When in reality our need to control is creating the exact opposite.

It was so simple, instead of stressing I made the decision to start blessing and sending love to all the things that were stressing me out, or causing frustration. Then BOOOM the explosion I was looking for. It just started working, everything fell into place and harmony was restored like a freaking fairy tale. In my meditation or anytime I had a negative thought, a thought of resistance or anger I made an effort to  start sending love out, simply looking for one positive thing; or using my ” I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me and thank you mantra”

It’s almost humorous once you do so how quickly things turn around

And I get it, when you are in a rut and in a negative mind space this is hard to grasp and do.

But just do it

Because it will create the change you are praying for

and will do so quickly

I feel a total energy shift, the love and light back

The past three weeks have been weird… whats up cosmos???? But I think the balance and chill I need is back…

this time I am not letting this bad boy go

He is mine for the keeping. Because I love the way harmony and balance feel.

It is hard when you are in a period of trial, when things are just messy, to see the light.

But that is the time we need to reflect on everything, put extra thought into our actions and routine

Because that is when we need it most.

it’s the stress and resistance that creates exactly what we don’t want and fear

and Fear is NOT our friend 

Last night the love was so present, and it is because I was creating this reality, putting good vibes out and getting them back in return.  I was sending more loving, friendly texts, I was being present in conversations and asking more questions about them, and I was just being in the moment

Honestly it was like a feeding ground of hippies and love; all the compliments all around

1 for you

and you

ohhh and me thanks babes xoxo 😉 

“Uplift each other; there is room for everyone “

Let go of jealous and resistance and watch life flow