Artifical Colours


Hydrogenated Oils

Lead, Mercury, & PCBs

Talc or Magnesium Silicate

Titanium Dioxide ( hii darth vador??)


Sounds like some tasty ingredients right?

More like a chemical shit storm, one that is found in 90% of all our vitamins and supplements. 

Doesn’t this piss you off! It did for me, how is it that when people are trying so hard, and spending so much money to be healthy they are unknowingly ingesting TOXIC chemicals that are actually leading to liver failure, mental illness,  heart failure, diabetes, digestive issues and insane inflammation. I am so tired of all the marketing BS!

Here’s the thing. I am a firm believer that we can pretty much cure anything of the power of food. But let’s also get real, our food, even organic isn’t what it used to be. It has been stripped of a lot of its powerful nutrients or has lesser amounts.

Even when we buy the purest of pure foods, our bodies have soo much chaos in them our nutrient absorption just isn’t quite right, so we are putting these powerful healing ingredients into our body, but our body hasn’t been trained to absorb them.

I have spent years bouncing around trying new vitamins and digestive aids. I know my body needs a helping hand, I just had not found one that I could proudly hang the Stevia&Spice Stamp of approval on.

stevia and spiceIt just didn’t make sense to me why you would just “add” vitamins and minerals to your body instead of healing from within. Starting at the ground up, finding a long term solution instead of a quick fix.

I knew as a young female it was important I found a prenatal, probiotic, antioxidant and digestive aid. So I could keep my health and energy high&& make beautiful babies one day… alsoo  SHINING hair, skin and nails yesss please. ( I have tried everything !!!)

I knew there was a gap.. but I couldn’t find a way to fill that gap, and confidently recommend it to others. So the hunt continued.

Then I stumbled onto this article about the Sanoviv  Institute. A place that was helping CURE everything from cancer to pink eye… holistically. By rewiring your cells DNA… whaaaaaat ?

It was run by this guy Dr. Myron Wentz, who was literally creating products to help support people’s body and heal from the inside out, by using natural substances to rewrite your cells DNA….. I wanted what he had. So I did some digging and found the line he was using was actually the highest rated brand for supplements, vitamins and body support in the world, and the only one that was developed in a holistic way.

AKA NO SUGAR and chemical shit storm

So I dove in and did my research, what I found was the brand he created was Usana. A line of fab products that legit help your cells function properly… not give them a quick fix.

They had everything… it’s like heaven’s gates opened up and USANA was on the other side.  PLUS they help you cut your sugar cravings. Since cravings are basically the body saying “heyyy I’m missing a nutrient” these guys come rushing in saying “no worries, we got you” basically it combines ancient wisdom with modern technology

My Eyes lit up when I saw:


digestive aids



KIDS vitamins


sports enhancers

plant powders for shakes

STEVIA flavour sticks

energy drinks !

skin care

tooth paste

Literally, everything I could need, that was actually safe to use.

&& the coolest part to me is they have a design your own vitamin line so you can create a little health pack for your lifestyle needs.. which apparently all the major athletes use and forgot to send me a memo ( hiii yoga is a sport too )

Plus almost everything was only sweetened naturally with STEVIA, all hail!!

Guys here’s the thing. I am not sponsored by anyone or any company. I just dedicate my life to finding good products and foods, doing the digging to make it easier on others! AND USANA get the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval through and through.. I am actually jumping out of my chair with excitement that I can finally recommend a HOLISTIC health aid. I reached out to them and asked how I could partner and share the message because this is something I could support

The part I love is they are affordable, and I am all about, real products that are simple, easy to access and affordable to everyone but honestly, I am so sick of throwing away money to products that don’t work. I would rather spend a few extra dollars and get something I knew is actually going to help me. I decided to buy the digestive aid and probiotic, a health pack, prenatal and the rave energy drinks. I honestly have never felt more full of life and I  just felt all around lighter. PLUS I have zerooo bloat and my hair is actually shining even after the multiple bleach jobs, ( guys this blonde isn’t real, look at my roots).

I also found Usana to be more than a brand, it was a community. Everyone was so full of life and empowering… and freaking STUNNNINGGGGG. It was a wellness LIFESTYLE and I am all about the lifestyle designs, not the short term solutions.

I truthy feel combine these with a sugar free, whole food lifestyle and obvss getting your bootie in gear and moving a bit is the best thing I have ever done for my health. If you guys want to check out my sugar free kickstarter I integrated some products into it so you know what I use and do, instead of experimenting.

Thank you guys for finally answering my prayers and filling what I thought was an impossible gap!!