Ok the truth is,

If the government left me in charge of the food pyramid it would look something like this …

As you can see Hummus had a special place in my heart, life and on my food pyramid which is why I am always on the hunt for a new brand that has the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval on it.

In order to get my fancy approval stamp the hummus must

  1. Taste like Heaven
  2. Made from REAL ingredients
  3. Have no sugars… why does hummus even have added sugar?

*** bonus points for cute packaging !

AND guess who qualifies, including the desired bonus points?


aka The BOMB.com ( do people still say this, 90s flashback)

These guys make the best tasting, creamiest hummus ever! My personal fave is the Jerusalem, my mouth waters just thinking about the balance of garlic and spices, whipped together with think tahini. Hungry yet? I am….

I put this on everything; wraps, salads, veggies, sprouted grain crackers, even my own special concoction : HUMMUS PIZZA.. yuppp ready for this

Step one: OBVVSS get yourself a container of hummus and admire it’s beauty…

Step two: Lightly toast a piece of sprouted grain or Ezekiel bread

Step three: Top with Hummus ( option for sunflower kitchen pesto since it’s DAIRY FREE… what whattttt)

Step Four: preheat oven to around 400 degrees, 425-450 is cool too if you have an old beast like mine

Step five: Top with yummies; arugula, cherry tomato, avocado slice, olives… have fun play around with the toppings

Step six: Place in oven for 5-8 min until it looks up to your high standards

Step seven: drizzle with olive or avocado oil and tahini.

Step eight: eat it all and love your life !

This is a quick and easy way to get a tasty dinner or feed the kiddos before running off to dance class or ball!

But…. before you run off and make my fabulous hummus pizza

I wanted to mention

  1. This is not sponsored I am just obsessed (story of my life, but heyyyy guys feel free to send me samples 😉 )
  2. Sunflower kitchen also has an amazing product line, all getting the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval including pestos, soups, salsas, chillis. All made with real food and lots of LOVE

ughhhhh I can’t I need to go try it all, help a sista out! let me know your thoughts!