I was feeling a bit discouraged lately with all the “no’s” and setbacks. A web developer that just didn’t feel right, no call backs from agents, and being told by family and friends my dreams were too much 

I have such big dreams, but are they possible?

I had a vision, a passion, a desire pulsing through my veins.

I was feeling alive

But I was scared

Then it hit me, someone has to be the one to do it.

Every Great change once started with a dream; thousands have even started on napkins, in coffee shops or on long runs.

Think Steve Jobs

people probably told him he was too much, his dreams were crazy or too big.

He was probably told to tone it down.

But he didn’t stop

and he changed the world

I WILL change the world.

I will inspire and uplift everyone I meet.

I will Be the ripple.

Because It only takes one “YES

&& when you are doing what you are meant to do, everything flows with ease, the answers come and the solutions happen. No matter how big or small your dreams.

Trust; trust that there is a reason, and the No’s are a way of guiding you to what is right, and best for you.

Tell me no

Tell me no a million times,

I no longer let it defeat me,

I let it inspire me,

Propel me

Excite me 

Let your ambition soar, we need more dreamers, believers and doers.

We live in a time where absolutely anything is possible.

Think Different,

Be different

WHY can’t it be you?