This is a question I get asked quite often.

I am 96lbs, and have a body I just adore.

But please.. do not use my weight as a reference to your own, I am 5 1″ and  am “average” according to doctors.

The thing is when people first look at me, they see a skinny girl, and instantly ask

“Do you eat”

“Do you eat carbs”

I understand there is a lot of fat shaming that takes place, and my heart breaks for everyone that has to endure this. NO ONE, should get to have a say on your body or determine what is best for you.

The reality is the same thing happens when you are skinny.

Even from family.

AND it is not ok, everyone is unique, and should love themselves exactly as they are. Society no longer get’s to dictate what is “healthy” because everyone’s version of healthy is different and unique, just as they are.

But who are these “they” we all keep referencing, “they say this is healthy” “they say I should be this size” “they say I am not enough, I am too much”

Stop with the THEY, you are you, and you know you best. Eat what you feel is best for you, and your body. But be educated and know the facts.

So Let’s get back to the facts, to The real debate here. What to do about the carbs,

YES  I eat carbs, the real question should be “what kind of carbs do you eat”

No I do not eat processed or refined carbs like white breads and pasta

And here is why

We all know I am a sugar free advocate, but there is more than one type of sugar.

Fructose is the one we should fear- it is the one that creates chaos in the mind and body, it spikes blood sugar, leads to millions of health concerns and obesity.  The reason is, it is processed primarily by the liver. This is the sugar that is in all those soft drinks, greek yogurts, candies and of course plain sugar.

Rule of thumb: F*** Fructose ( hard to forget that one)

Glucose on the other hard is converted from carbs, in moderation this is great for short-term energy.

BUT…. simple and processed carbs although can often be composed of glucose, WILL spike your blood sugar and have the same impact as the fructose. These are the “carbs” we traditionally refer to; the minute maid white rices, the white breads, the pastas… those bad boys.


Don’t be, it’s simple.

The truth in carbs depends on what carbs you are eating. When carbs have fiber it helps balance out the sugar and stabilizes your blood sugars.

So what carbs do I eat?

I start off every morning with an amazing bowl of steel cut oats, with some berries, a few nuts or seeds and cinnamon. ( i  get very creative with my oats)

&& jaw dropper here, I still eat cereal and pancakes on a weekly basis too !! There are alternatives for everything !

I just adore lunches with avocado toast …. toast???? yup you read that right. But you will never catch me eating the white wonder kind.. no I opt for Ezekiel or sprouted grain breads, with all real sprouted ingredients… yum yum

Dinners and soups always have some lentils or quinoa in the mix. I even cook up a beautiful basil pasta, or greek pasta salad on the weekend.

Healthy foods doesn’t mean giving up the things you love, like pastas and pizzas. It means making better choices, and knowing what brands to buy. Stevia&Spice has a great list of brands I use. ( link below)

I eat a balanced diet of legumes, veggies, nuts, seeds, and a small amount of whole fruit… yess these are carbs too. My diet does have a higher fat than carb intake, because this helps to keep me full longer, and portions smaller. AGAIN guys… healthy fats; not candy bars.

The key is to learn what works for you! And more than anything find the balance and moderation that makes sense to you. ANNDD no balance doesn’t mean a cake in each hand… stick to real foods, lots of hearty, healthy fats and sprouted grains. You will never ever feel hungry or deprived, I promise !

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