We have a choice, we have a choice to be a victim of our circumstances. We have a choice to wrap ourselves in self pity. We have a choice to say it’s “bad luck, or bad timing”

We can pray for change,

Meditate and set our intentions,

We can cry, scream and yell

And trust me I’ve done it all.

Or we can finally just throw our hands up. And say

“It is what it is!!!”

Because happiness is not something we receive, it is a feeling we create. A feeling inside, as we are right now.

Life will always have it’s good and bad, it’s ups and downs.

Sometimes things will work out perfectly

and sometimes shit will just hit the fan.

But it is all about the journey, all about experiencing each moment, the good the bad and everything else. It is about taking in the sunshine and listening to the birds chirp.

It is about looking in the mirror and saying “you got this”

It is about shutting up that mind chatter with a smile.

Because a Smile does wonders.

So simple and so beautiful, and sooo powerful.

Today things may go my way; maybe I’ll get that text back, maybe I’ll get the agent call I have been praying for, maybe I’ll even land the house I want.

Or they may not

But nothing is going to steal my Happy.

It is mine and mind for the keeping. No circumstance is changing that.

Because that is all they are; temporary circumstances.

Take your hand, reach up and place it on the left side of your chest.

Feel that?

Your heart, and it’s still beating.

Meaning whatever is going on right now wasn’t enough to kill you.

So smile, it is just the way it is right now.

Life has ways of making magic happen. We don’t need to control it.

We need to breath, smile and just live. Let go 

&& choose happy

Screw what your told; what you are supposed to do, who you are expected to be

Today I challenge you, every time you feel that frown.

Hear that mind chatter.

Stub your toe,

or loose your job ( let’s hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does IT IS WHAT IT IS)

Today I challenge you

to just say


to dance,

to sing

to laugh

find that long lost inner child

and smile,

smile like your life depends on it, because your happiness does