Today was a weird day,

it was Valentine’s Day

I am single. I am single, but I am not lonely.

I am completely and totally content with my single life.

Sure it would be amazing to wake up beside my prince, a tall handsome man, with piercing blue eyes, brown flowy hair, and a strong chizzled chin. One with just the right amount of muscles, that makes you feels safe and protected when he wraps his arms around you.

Sure I dream of this man,

but he will come. One day,  and until that day I won’t settle for anyone less.

For now I am completely head over heels in love with myself


none the less today was an off day.

Maybe it was the instagram #lovebirds

Maybe it was the harping from my angered boss

Maybe it was the god sent web designer I had found, that wasn’t sure of our partnership because I was a “risk”

or the reasons why I should stay on the “traditional path” the “it’s been done before” from my family

or Maybe it was the lack of caffeine….

Today was just one of those days.

A day filled with self doubt.

The I can’ts

The this is impossible

The “are things ever going to change”

The negativity.

The self critique

The frustration

even yoga wasn’t helping. I found myself in my poses cursing the life I was living, and questioning everything.

I am generally a positive person. I mean my whole platform is empowerment, positivity and mindfulness, but I too have off days.

I am Human

I am a perfectionist

and I am hard on myself.

I dream so big, that sometimes I question if my dreams are even realistic and possible. WHY can’t I just desire a regular 9-5 like so many of my friends.

But that isn’t me.

They aren’t ME

I am ME, and I am so apologetically me.

Someone has to do it, why can’t I be the one.

Even if I fall flat on my face

Even if I go broke trying

Even if i fail

I am me, and that is just who I need to be.

and no matter what happens, what is said, or what life throws at me

I am true to myself, to the core of who I am

&& I believe

I believe in Love, I Believe in Magic and more than anything I believe in ME