I work hard to find companies  I can proudly put the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval on.

Which is why it is nice when they make it so easy on me.

For months now I have seen this company pop up all over my news feeds, their cute packaging with mint green and little white patterns had me curious . I wanted to know more, so I began to Do my research.


Stands for we love! How cute

But aside from the cuteness factor, these guys get it. They are doing their part. 5 cents from everything they sell goes straight to building wells in Kenya.

The Founders Stef and Jack are refreshingly real and authentic, and wholeheartedly believe in the power of food to heal! HELLLLO SOUL SISTA ( and BRO)

Food Has power! ( fist pump )

This power team created something magical…. and tasty and I PROMISE you this is not sponsored. I am always one to give my honest feedback ( check out my taste testing/ first reactions video https://youtu.be/b_rzIUZGsQQ) .

Everything they have is loaded with probiotics, 2 billion to be exact of these little guys, you know the ones who fight disease while keeping you youthful and glowing. They have a line of 6 cold-press probiotic drinks, all with STEVIA&SPICE approved sugar levels! I tried the Berry Beet and holy it was like the gates of heaven opened in my mouth. Cool and refreshing with that natural berry sweetness upon the first sip followed by the deep beet flavour, the combination of the two is surprisingly delish ( coming from a girl that turns her nose up to beets). Their cold press combinations are ones I would not think of, but just seem to work… I guess that’s why they are the experts. I am itching to get my hands on the ginger kale and watermelon cucumber, you know just so I can give you guys some feedback of course ;).

 Next up I tried their probiotic ferments, their whhaaat?

These are little bottles of fizzy wonder ( seriously fizzy, open with care). They are fermented with enzymes and antioxidants making a yummy smooth drink comparable to a tonic water ( but good for you ). They help to balance stomach acid and make that digestive system happy.  And you know I am going to say it STEVIA&SPICE approved sugar levels.

Not only do these have all the goods going on, but they are soo yummy too. I tried the living lemongrass, and I swear if lemongrass is wrong I NEVER WANT TO BE RIGHT. Still drooling thinking about it! They have two other flavours, turmeric and ginger, both on my must try list.

But the Real star of the show here is their BARS. Loaded with probiotics to generate good gut health, clear skin ( ya I know a bar that makes your skin stunning, where do I sign up!?), and lots o energy from the B12, K2 combo. Does it surprise you they are also Stevia&Spice approved? These bars have a comparable texture to a “granola bar” but are low in sugar, like 3grams in the whole bar LOW!! and have ALL REAL INGREDIENTS!

 God I love these guys, I’m seriously planning my nuptials. Matcha Almond was my choice, and I am actually surprisingly satisfied with this decision. Many matcha flavoured products I find to be overwhelmingly… matcha. They got it right by mixing in those almonds so neither taste is overpowering. Now being the coconut and chocolate queen I am. I MUST try the other flavours the peanut butter chocolate and coconut cashew. Don’t they sound amazing ! Maybe I will even record my first impressions on these as well. YOU KNOW FOR YOU of course.

Welo is a proud Canadian brand and can be found across the country in stores or online ( I found them online)

Honestly WELO – I love and CAN NOT wait to try more !

I will proudly stamp you with the Stevia&Spice stamp of approval