Stevia&Spice Approved Coconut Ice Cream 

Summertime is my favourite season, the weather is nice, the sun is shining, and it is hot out! I love kicking back around the pool or at the beach and enjoying the beautiful heat. Since quitting sugar I am determined to prove there is an alternative for everything, and you never have to be deprived of the things you love. Like ICE CREAM. Often I find recipes online for how to make Nice Cream, basically load a blender with bananas and add some more fruit. Although this may be a great alternative to dairy, bananas are high in sugar and fructose levels, with little fibre to offset the impact. I believe fruit is great and necessary, but in moderation, because the fructose impact if over done will end up having a similar or same impact on blood sugars as white sugar. This leads to weight gain, inflammation leading to all sorts of diseases, digestion issues, constipation, high blood pressures, and strong ties to depression, anxiety or stress.  So here is my SUPER SIMPLE recipe for making a tasty summer treat the Stevia&Spice way… sugar-free, and fructose free.  
2 Recipes in 1 
 Course: Dessert
✔ Vegan
✔Plant Based
✔ Dairy Free
 Prep Time: 15 minutes
** note if you do sub out for a different brand, ensure you
read the label and identify the sugar content. This brand has been
vetted by yours truly 🙂
  1. Place 1 cup of Ice and Coconut Cream into blender with Pinch of Salt
  2. Blend pouring in lite Coconut Milk in as needed until desired consistency
  3. Add the desired flavour or keep au natural
  4. Place in lined pan or tray
  5. Freeze for 5-10 minutes
  6. Scoop and enjoy

*** Note this can also be turned into a PINA COLADA. Do not place in the freezer once blended, add strawberries and 2 pineapple slices, plus desired alcohol ( or virgin ). Top with a spoonful of coconut cream and 1 cherry.

Pretend you are on vacation and sip away