Our Mission

Lasting Change was born from the idea that everyone should feel empowered to support the causes they care about. Our innovative mobile app makes charitable giving easy, accessible, and personal.  With features like spare change roundups and donation history tracking, we’ve created a centralized hub for all of your donation needs--whether you’re a seasoned donor or are considering making a donation for the very first time.

Small Change, Big Impact

We believe in the power of micro-giving.  Each year, people generate an average of $390 in change leftover from their transactions.  That's 390 trees reforested, a year of meals to feed the hungry, or school supplies for dozens of underserved classrooms. With Lasting Change, you can watch your own impact grow through our spare change feature, which automatically rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar to donate to the charities of your choosing.


Compassion Beyond the Checkout Counter

Customize a portfolio of your favorite charities to receive your spare change donations, and track your giving history over time.


Data-Driven Donations

Take the guesswork out of donating with our charity finder tool.  View charitable commitment ratings and other data for thousands of non-profits to see where your dollars will go the farthest.


Increase Your Impact

Make one-time or recurring donations of any amount to give even more to the causes you care about.

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Meet Our Founder


Michael Gardiner, Executive Director

Michael is a graduate from Ithaca College with a degree in Computer Science. He possesses over 5 years of mobile development experience, taking several apps from conception to the Apple App Store. Michael leads our tech initiatives, focusing on practical and user-centric solutions, keeping our company in step with industry trends.


Melinda Dempsey, Board Chair

Melinda worked in financial services and the nonprofit industries for over 15 years and brings her leadership and fundraising experience to Lasting Change.


Matthew Fasciano, Board Vice-Chair

Matt has spent over 20 of his 30 year career in the nonprofit sector. He currently serves as a CEO of national nonprofit, and spent the last 15 years focused on the replication and scaling of another.


Robert Stein, Board Treasurer

Rob has experience in building and enhancing both financial and operational processes and controls. He has also served on boards for various non-profits for the past 25 years.


Madison Gardiner, Board Secretary

Madison is a Harvard law graduate who completed 2 Federal Court clerk ships bringing legal and administrative experience to the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Set up your spare change donations on the App in a few simple steps. From the Account page, link a depository bank account (for example, a checking account), which is the account Lasting Change will deduct donations from.  You can then link a non-depository account (for example, a credit card) that you want to use to track spare change.  Once your accounts are linked, you can search for non-profits on the App{'''}s Charities page.  When you find one you want to receive your spare change, tap on the charity name and select {'''}Add to Portfolio.{'''}  You can add up to 3 charities to your portfolio and can modify your selections at any time.  You can choose to distribute funds evenly across your portfolio, or specify percentages for each one.

Once you complete the setup for spare change donations, Lasting Change will take each purchase transaction from linked accounts and round up the change to the nearest dollar. For example, if you use your linked car to buy a cup of coffee for $3.50, Lasting Change will withdraw the leftover 50 cents in change from your depository account and donate the change to the charity or charities in your portfolio.

A depository account is an account that Lasting Change can withdraw money from, such as a checking account. A non-depository account is an account that Lasting Change can’t withdraw money from but can be used to track transactions for auto-roundups.

Lasting Change doesn’t charge users’ credit cards.  Linked credit cards are used only to track transactions to determine the amount of spare change generated from a purchase. Lasting Change then automatically withdraws that amount of change from your linked depository account.

There is a donation minimum for recurring and manual donations. The minimum for a recurring donation is $2 dollars per charity and the minimum for a manual donation is $5 dollars per charity.  While there are no minimums for spare change roundups, Lasting Change will wait to withdraw funds from your depository account until your roundups total 50 cents or more.

Yes, you can set maximum limits for spare change donations from the App{'''}s Account page >> Manage Account.

You can request a tax receipt from the App{'''}s Account page >> Manage Account.  Lasting Change will automatically provide users with a separate tax receipt for each manual or recurring donation of $250 dollars or more.

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